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Why Long Johns Are A Must for Outdoor Construction

Why Long Johns Are A Must for Outdoor Construction

Protective clothing like men’s long johns (or thermal underwear) are needed and the type will depend on temperature, condition, duration of the construction, and location. Thermal underwear for men are made with wicking fabric to help absorb sweat, in turn helping prevent injury. Try to prevent 100% cotton as cotton tends to feel damp and be wet, and goose down.  A waterproof outer layer of men’s long-johns are recommended especially in conditions that include rain, sleet, or snow. 

They need to be breathable, comfortable, lightweight, and still have the ability to keep your blood flowing. Men’s Thermal Underwear come in a variety of styles and options including shirts, leggings, or sets. The fabric of thermal underwear uses your body heat to keep you wrapped in a layer of protective warmth. The fabric is ultra soft and extremely light. It’s a perfect outdoor companion because the type of fabric and wicking features keep you dry and active all day long. Most importantly, men’s long-johns fit like a hug you won’t want to let go. They are snug, but not too snug, and extremely comfortable without irritation. As an outdoor construction worker there will be a lot of movement and the importance of thermal underwear is being comfortable and staying in place could be a game changer. 

Many employers of outdoor construction workers require that multiple layers are worn in which the inner layer repels moisture from the skin. An example of men’s thermal underwear layering is as follows starting with the closest to the skin. 

• Wicks Moisture Technology
• Order Control – Breathable Fabric
• Ultra Soft Fabric
• 4 Way Stretch

Often, they require outer layers to be detachable (or removable) and easily removable before going into a shelter. Most men’s thermal underwear meet all these criteria. 

Wearing proper clothing such as thermal underwear or men’s long-johns will keep workers warm while reducing the possibility of excess sweating, keep job site injuries to a minimum, and make for a happy crew. 

Above all else, when working outside, be sure to check on your fellow peers to make sure there are no apparent signs of illness or injury.

Whether you want a pair of black thermal pants to keep your legs warm while you’re working in extreme outdoor temperatures or looking for thermal long-johns to keep your temperature regulated in warmer weather, there is a product out there for you. 

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