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Reasons to Add Thermals to Your Winter Running Arsenal

Reasons to Add Thermals to Your Winter Running Arsenal

For many people, running itself is a significant challenge. When the temperature drops, it can become almost impossible as many don’t react very well to the cold weather. A simple pair of sweat pants isn’t enough, and neither is a light hoodie. While everyone’s body heat rises with the activity, it still doesn’t offer enough protection against the elements.

Wearing the proper clothing is key to making your run comfortable and less of a challenge. A men’s thermal set is perfect as exercise is work enough to have to worry about the difference in cold and soggy or warm and comfortable. Whether if it’s a long or short run, comfort is the ultimate goal, not to mention calories burned and beating last weeks’ time.

What Should You Wear When the Temperature Drops

Selecting the proper attire isn’t too difficult as long as you keep in mind that you’ll warm up fast once you start moving. If you wear too much, you’ll end up hot and sweaty, which is less effective at keeping you warm. Wearing too little clothing will leave you cold the entire run. This is when a men’s thermal set comes in.

These thermals offer a perfect balance for your winter run. Depending on the individual and how their internal temperature runs, the amount you sweat or how fast/slow your run. You may only need a men’s thermal top to keep the chill off, while another may require the set.

Your essential cold-weather exercise gear should contain the following:

• Hat
• Men’s thermal top with a base layer shirt
• A jacket for running
• Gloves
• Running pants or if you have the thermal top, might as well get the men’s thermal set
• Wool or running socks

These items should have moisture-wicking materials like wool as other synthetic fabrics dry to quickly and remove heat from your skin where it needs to stay. The most critical layer is the base layer when running or even any exercise out in the cold. A good well-made men’s thermal set will work great as a base layer.

Don’t forget to layer. If it gets too much for your run, you take off a hat, the jacket depending on how comfortable you are in the cold. If you have a headband, keep that on to protect your ears. Also, most of all, if you run when it is darker or even during the day, wear reflective clothing as others can spot you easier, especially in an urban environment.

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