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When to Wear Thermal Underwear

When to Wear Thermal Underwear

Warm long johns aren’t just for men who work outside and need an insulating base layer, but they work for that too. Thermajohn high performance thermals are designed to trap your natural body heat in and keep the cool air out. Here are some of our favorite reasons to wear our fleece lined thermals. 

When It’s Cold Out

If you live in a cold climate or get cold easily you can layer your men’s thermal underwear on to stay warm. This might mean swapping out your cotton undershirt for a Thermajohn. Also consider layering under flannels, t-shirts, sweaters, and cardigans. If you commute to work keep your legs warm by slipping thermal pants on underneath, which are thin and lightweight enough to wear all day under your jeans or dress pants. And yes, our pants have a flap so no need to wear underwear too.  

Outdoor Winter Workouts

With the right thermals, you don’t have to let the cold weather slow you down or keep you indoors. You may already have long-sleeve athletic pants but they aren’t designed to keep you warm and dry. Thermajohn sets are designed to do both. Depending on how chilly it is out, you can wear them solo or as your base layer under shorts, pants or skiwear. Our sets are lightweight, thin, moisture wicking, and have a comfortable 4-way stretch. Wear them when hiking, jogging, cycling skiing, and more. 

Lounge Around The House

You may find that your standard PJs don’t keep the chill away during the winter months, so swap them out for thermals. Not only will they keep you warm but they are super soft and comfortable, so you may want to wear them year-round. Our sets are designed in a variety of solid colors to match your style. Make it a family affair by ordering thermals for the ladies in your family too.

Outdoor Outings

Your warm long johns ensure you aren’t distracted by the cold weather so that you can enjoy every moment of your cold-weather football game, outdoor concert, camping trip, fishing trip, or any other outing or activity. It’s even a good idea to leave a set in the car just in case it is colder than expected. And since kids never seem to notice how cold it is out, keep yourself warm when playing outdoors by popping on a thermal set.We invite you to browse our men’s thermal underwear now to see your options. Check back to Thermajohn soon as we are always adding new designs and colors.

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