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First Time Skiing Checklist – How To Prepare For A Ski Or Snowboarding Trip

First Time Skiing Checklist – How To Prepare For A Ski Or Snowboarding Trip

So you want to go to the snow. You want to try your very first hand at skiing or snowboarding. There are some preparation items that are important and should be taken into consideration before you jump on the slopes for your first time. 

Many people don’t realize that skiing and snowboarding really are extremely physical sports. They take a huge toll on your legs, knees, and ankles regularly and if there is a fall, it can affect your whole body. Being in shape is not necessarily required, but it is very helpful. If you don’t feel you’re in the best shape, just don’t try the challenging slopes. Keep it easy until you know what your body can handle so you can prevent major injuries. You want to go to have fun and not come home regretting your trip. 

If you have your own skiis or snowboard, it’s important you have done proper maintenance to them. Some may require tuneups, some may require new waxing, some may need some tightening or replace of bolts, etc. This will help prevent injury and keep your skiis and snowboards working at their best capacity. Newly waxed skiis and snowboards give you a smoother and faster ride down the hill. If you don’t have your own skiis or snowboard, you can usually rent one if you go to a resort. Most resorts have a schedule of maintenance on their equipment, but it never hurts to ask an employee to help guarantee safety. 

One of the most important things to prepare for when you are going skiing or snowboarding is what you’re going to wear. You can’t head out to the slopes with just some jeans and an oversized jacket.

Believe it or not, your clothing is extremely important. Skii/Snowboarding jackets and pants are always recommended. It’s what’s under those jackets and pants that are the most important. Don’t go skiing with nothing underneath your ski pants and just a cotton shirt under your ski jacket.

Snow jacket/pants aren’t suited properly for comfort and won’t keep you completely protected from the cold temperatures. What you need to find is a base layer also known as long-johns or thermal underwear. Believe it or not, proper long-johns and thermal underwear have several characteristics that will protect you the best.

Features such as wicking fabrics help keep you dry and odor free and breathable fabrics like wool and synthetics are the best for comfort and temperature control with cotton being the worst choice. Lastly, you want to make sure you purchase the proper weight for what you need them for in case you will be using the thermal underwear as a layer or not.

Thermal Underwear comes in a variety of weights. Normally, a good weight for skiing is lightweight so you can wear the long-johns as a base layer. You’ll want to find a brand that fits comfortably at the seams as well where the seams of the thermal underwear lay flat to prevent bunching.

If you plan ahead and head to the mountains prepared, you will have a stress free, memorable, and comfortable trip.

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