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What Kind of Men’s Thermal Underwear Should I Wear if the Temperature is 10 Degrees?

What Kind of Men’s Thermal Underwear Should I Wear if the Temperature is 10 Degrees?

The weather is fickle at best, no matter what season it is. However, Winter seems to take the cake and give you some mild temperatures one day, punching you with sub-zero temperatures and a blizzard the next. Even at ten degrees, it can prove too cold, and some men’s thermal underwear will help you stay warm and comfortable. In temperatures as low as this, wearing a complete men’s thermal set will increase your chances of keeping your body heat at a perfect degree across your whole body.

What Kind Should I wear?

Finding the right pair of thermals is relatively easy. You can find them at all big box stores or online if you want to avoid the general population. They come in different fabrics, colors, and sizes to give you a better fit. Some even have extra features for added warmth and comfort. Most thermals will work great. However, avoid cotton as these absorb and hold in moisture, proving detrimental in ten-degree weather. Here are some fabrics to consider when making your purchase.

Most Budget Friendly

These are going to be your polyester blends. Some are blended with spandex, nylon, or even wool. While these are the most cost-effective thermals types, you won’t have to worry about sacrificing anything else. Polyester is a heavy hitter in the thermal world. It fits great, wicks-away moisture, and punishes your pocketbook. They’re also super easy to take care of, with many able to be tossed into the washer. Some high-end polyester thermals are better left for handwashing.

Fancy Yet Effective

Silk is another material for thermals. At the same time, it comes off as too fancy for a thermal, silk men’s long underwear works as well as its counterparts. The downside is that they’re harder to take care of and cost a lot more. Silk has never been a cheap material, so you’ll be shelling out more money for them.

Comfortable and Classic

Some thermals are made from Merino wool. These are naturally moisture-wicking and absorb odor. They are a little harder to take care of and cost more than polyester blends but are still highly popular. They’re durable and have become a gold standard in thermal fabric. A men’s thermal set made of Merino wool will keep you warm and makes for a heavy-duty thermal.

If the temperature is ten degrees or colder, any of these fabrics will keep you warm. Depending on if you’re working or lounging at home, silk may prove the least desirable due to cost. Polyester blends are becoming the norm, with many lines with fleece for added warmth and comfort. If you’re going to wear thermals all day, you might as well get a pair with the fleece so that ten-degree weather is easier to deal with. Having a few pairs is excellent, so you aren’t washing them regularly.

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