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Wearing Men's Long Johns in Public

Wearing Men's Long Johns in Public

Winter is in full swing. Due to the colder temperatures, fashion and style have changed to reflect the colder climates. From parkas to layers, many of you may not realize that men's long johns provide ultimate comfort and warmth against the cold. Can you wear thermals in public, or are you limited to a men's thermal shirt? You can wear long johns in public as either outerwear or as a base layer. However, wearing them as outerwear will depend on your comfort and confidence level. You may get a few stares while at the grocery store.

Fashion has always been steep in controversy. Especially when it comes to tights and whether or not men can wear them in public. What used to be hidden under your clothes has now become a trendy new style as outerwear. While you may only see snug-fitting thermals at your gym, there's a chance you'll see someone strolling through the grocery aisle in some sporty thermals.

Everyone who wants to stay warm and comfortable wears thermals. Yes, for the most part, they do—usually, it's worn under clothes. However, you will see many men sporting a men's thermal shirt without a t-shirt or other layer over it. This has been a common and even classic standard for thermal wear for men.

Thermals or long johns have always had a practical use in the winter. They keep you warm in the winter by regulating your body temperature. They also wick away moisture to keep you dry, which only adds to the comfort. Practical, yes, but fashionable enough to wear as outerwear? This is also a yes. 

Most men will wear them to the gym. Long johns help keep you comfortable during a workout, and the moisture-wicking features help keep sweat off the skin. While this also a practical use, what if you're too relaxed to put on pants and need to run some errands? 

This is where your comfort level comes into play. If you're okay with wearing some long johns out in public, no one's going to stop you. There's no need to throw away comfort for the sake of a much-needed trip to the local hardware store. When people are wearing pajamas to the store, long johns or thermals are considerably a classier and more stylish choice for outwear. 

There will be a few people that may frown, but for the most part, most people probably won't notice as they have their worries. There's also the chance you get a look of approval from one of your fellow humans. Some may even say wearing men's long johns as outerwear is lazy. They'd be wrong. Comfort comes with wearing long johns or thermals. These are the same as they were twenty or even fifty years ago. You can wear long johns in public, no matter if it's layered under your regular clothes or alone for a sense of fashion that speaks of not caring what others think.

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