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Staying Warm While at Your Kid's Sports Game

Staying Warm While at Your Kid's Sports Game

School sports have had a long history in many kids' lives, much to many parents' enthusiasm. Whether inside a chilly gymnasium or outdoors at a football game, it's hard to show your enthusiasm when you can't keep warm. As much as you love watching your kid be their most athletic self, the weather or temperature rarely makes sitting on the sidelines easy to deal with. Use these excellent tips to help you stay warm so you can be as loud and embarrassing as you can be at your kid's game.

Tips for Staying Warm at Your Kid's Game

1. Break out the winter gear. While it's a bit early for the sub-zero arctic parka, a men's thermal shirt and men's thermal pants are a definite must for your warmth. Even if you're in a cold gymnasium, thermals will keep the chill away so you can cheer away. They'll also wick away moisture in case you build up a sweat running up and down the sidelines cheering your kid on. If it's fall or early winter, don't forget the scarves, earmuffs, mittens, and when you're outside.

2. Hand Warmers will be your new best friend. These can be great on their own or slipped inside a glove for added warmth. You can slide them in your socks, boots, or wherever else you want to.

3. Wool socks are always an excellent choice. Your feet will get cold. They're also more susceptible to frostbite next to your hands. Wool socks insulate well. They may cost more, but keeping your toes will make them worth every penny.

4. Have something ready and warm to drink in a thermos. While hot chocolate or a slightly more adult hot beverage won't work for your kid, it doesn't mean you can't warm up with a nice drink. A good quality thermos or mug will also keep your hands warm.

5. Blankets are a regular sight at many games. You can't be wrong with some extra comfort items. The stands aren't known for their warmth, and a couple of fleece blankets will help ward off the cold.

6. A windbreaker is useful if the wind picks up. The wind in late fall or winter is the worst. A good windbreaker that is also water-resistant in case it snows will help keep you a bit comfier.

Cheering at your kid's game is helpful to their confidence and support. However, wearing a men's thermal shirt under your regular top and men's thermal pants under your jeans will make the game easier to handle. While you're encouraging your kid from the sidelines, it doesn't mean you have to freeze purposely. Since you'll be there for some time, make sure you're prepared for the weather. Wear the school colors proudly, and most of all, try not to yell at the coach too much.

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