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The Case for Men Wearing Leggings

The Case for Men Wearing Leggings

Men can wear leggings. To prove this is not only socially acceptable, but it's also historical. For centuries, fashion trends have come and gone. Some have been fantastic, while others are notably cringe-worthy. Usually, it's the fashion that makes you cringe that makes a comeback. While today's thermal pants aren't the same as the tights of the Renaissance, men have historically worn skin-tight clothing. While thermal underwear has changed over the years, men in tights are more than a movie, but now a popular fashion trend stretching boundaries from fitness to everyday wear.

A Bit of History We Tend to Forget

If you go far enough in the past, you'll learn that men wore leggings long before their female counterparts. It was quite common due to warmth as it is today. This was especially true when they were worn under armor before riding into battle. Let's face it, a full battle suit of armor is a bit drafty. So, if knights in shining armor can wear them, then so can you. 

Fast forward to the time of Shakespeare and the Elizabethan period. Actors and gentlemen sported these leggings on stage and in the streets. In some areas of Europe, winters were cold and served as a piece of fashion and practical use. It is the same as today's thermal underwear, which is made better and regulates your body temperature longer. 

Now, if the old European Ways didn't convince you, then take a look at Colonial America. Our founding fathers, besides wearing fabulous wigs, also sported some quite fashionable tights. If that still doesn't convince you, sport's models and athletes galore are rocking thermal pants or compression leggings while they workout or play their sports. 

It's become commonplace for men to wear leggings. This especially true under fitness clothes for added warmth or support. However, there are some style points when wearing thermal pants in public.

 • Wear longer shirts with your leggings if you forgo shorts.

 • Wear them under shorts, work pants, jeans, bibs, etc.

 • Wear compression pants if it's too hot for thermals.

When the temperature is colder than usual, there's nothing wrong with wearing leggings to protect everything below the waist. After all, those areas are essential and can cold like the rest of your body. No matter how you wear them, thermal underwear will keep you warm, dry, comfortable, and keep the cold air out where it belongs. They're skin tight but remain flexible so you can move freely. 

While you may not want to make a fashion statement that makes you look like you walked out of a Renaissance painting, there are more practical ways to sport some thermal pants or leggings. Whether you're at the gym or want to be comfortable all day, thermals will keep you going.

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