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What is the Best Material for Long Johns?

What is the Best Material for Long Johns?

Hopefully, we all know that thermal underwear and long johns are the best way to stay warm every winter. The way they trap body heat and keep you warm without overheating make long johns an essential part of any wardrobe once the temperatures start to plummet. Of course, not every pair of long johns are made equal.

When you’re shopping for long johns, you’ll probably be asking yourself what the best material is. Should you be looking for thick or thin fabric, soft or scratchy material? While different circumstances may need certain materials, today most long johns end up using the same material.

The Best Materials for Long Johns are Usually Synthetic

Thanks to modern technology, synthetic fabric blends that combine the best traits of different materials are more common. When it comes to long johns, you’ll find that synthetic fabrics such as polyester have a reputation as an excellent material. Synthetic blends will often mix polyester, spandex, and more to create the perfect fabric.

Polyester is an excellent insulator, making it a great choice for long johns that need to trap body heat and keep it close. And of course spandex is known for its stretchy properties, allowing long johns to stay thin while clinging to your body without restricting your movements.

Synthetic fabric is also excellent at wicking away sweat and keeping you dry, which is essential for thermals. When you sweat in the cold, the water freezes and evaporates, leaving you feeling cold and clammy. Sweat-wicking technology in synthetic fabric removes sweat and keeps you as warm as possible.

In addition to wicking away moisture, synthetic fabrics are incredibly durable. This is an excellent trait in a piece of clothing that will be getting a lot of action all winter long; the stretch and wash-ability allow the long johns to stay useful for as long as possible!

Find Yourself Some Synthetic Long Johns Today!

While other fabrics like wool and cotton are not uncommon in long johns, synthetic material will be the one you see the most in stores. The perks of synthetic are hard to ignore, giving it a reputation as the best material available for long johns.

When you’re browsing the aisles, look for some synthetic thermals and be prepared to wait out the cold! Winter will pass by quickly while you stay warm in your long johns.

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