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What is the Best Layer for Extreme Cold Climates?

What is the Best Layer for Extreme Cold Climates?

Winter has come, and the weather is unpredictable, cold, and has turned for the worse. Before you look outside and choose for a couple months of hibernation, the right base layer will make your winter a lot more comfortable and easier to handle. If you happen to live in a location that can see extreme cold climates, dressing appropriately will make your winter enjoyable and fun for you and your family.

It’s All About Those Layers

Whether you’re in the arctic, Antarctica, or Wisconsin, layering correctly will make for a more comfortable winter and protect you from the elements when you’re outside. The right thermals will also keep you cozy inside as you work or relax this season.

1. Thermals: Men’s thermal pants and a men’s thermal shirt will go a long way in keeping your warm. Their snug fit and heat retention abilities make for a generous base layer. They are also moisture-wicking, so they’ll keep you dry. Though they fit like a second skin, they offer full mobility, so you aren’t constricted.

2. The middle-layer: This layer is essential as it will serve to insulate you more. It will also allow the moisture from the first layer to be evaporated quicker, thus adding to your warmth and comfort. Choose a fleece, flannel, or even wool fabric clothing for this layer. Synthetics are great as well for added protection.

3. An insulating layer: When it comes to extreme climates or weather conditions, an extra layer of insulation over your middle-layer is beneficial. This one is mostly for warmth. This can be a sweater, hoodie, or another garment that will help keep you warm.

4. The shell or outer layer: For your outer layer, your shell will be more essential than the insulating one. You will need a jacket and pants that are wind and waterproof to help keep you dry. Make sure that what you get is breathable as you don’t want to sweat and overheat. If you do get too hot, removing the layer will help you regulate your body temperature more efficiently. Cold weather pants like insulated overalls or snowmobile bibs are crucial if you work outdoors or plan on spending more time than you usually would outdoors. They are great for fun and work, so you aren’t limited in their use.

Men’s thermal pants and a men’s thermal shirt will be the most useful and best layer for any extreme condition you’ll experience. While the others are important, your base layer will set the foundation for all the others. It will distribute your body heat and keep sweat from sticking to your skin. Wearing the proper base layer will help you regulate your body temperatures and allow you to shed or put on any layers as necessary. As the extreme weather hits, being prepared with the right thermals will make the weather bearable and keep you safe.

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