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Thermal Underwear for Motorcycle Riding

Thermal Underwear for Motorcycle Riding

Hitting the open road on a motorcycle offers a sense of freedom, and car drivers won't always get it. The air in your face and the thrill of the ride can get your adrenaline flowing through your veins as fast as you're going. However, the temperature is always up for the ride. Thermal underwear or long johns will help keep you warm while driving down the road.

Cold weather riding is a real thing for many motorcycle enthusiasts. While layering is helpful for many activities, you don't or can't bulk up too much while riding. Too many layers under your protective riding gear will prove too bulky. This is where thermal underwear comes into play. Don't forget the bottom as your legs will thank you later. 

Since thermals are thin and stretchable, they'll keep you warm as a base layer under your regular clothes, and no one will even notice. While your riding buddies are shivering from the cold, you can stay warm and dry on the inside while projecting that relaxed attitude that makes them question how you're dealing with the lower temperature. Remember, base to middle layers will provide you with some excellent warmth without becoming too bulky under your road leathers. 

One thing to remember while riding in the colder weather is that you'll continue to sweat. Cold and damp clothing doesn't mix at all and should be left in the laundry. Thermals have exceptional moisture-wicking properties that will pull that sweat from your skin and release it through the breathable fabric. This will keep you dry and add to your warmth and comfort while you ride. This means you can concentrate on the road and traffic without soggy clothes becoming a distraction.

Another bonus of wearing thermals while you ride is that they trap in your body heat. The snug fit keeps warm air from getting out and the cold air from getting in. The heat will then get redistributed across your whole body for better warmth and comfort. Add a middle layer on top of your regular clothes, and then you're almost ready to hit the road. Don't forget your protective road gear. While you want to enjoy the ride, playing it safe is essential. Unfortunately, not everyone keeps their eyes on the road or keeps an eye out for motorcyclists. 

While the thrill of the ride and freedom is given when riding a motorcycle, it's best to be on safety. Wear your helmet and other protective clothing as needed to protect yourself. While thermal underwear will keep you warm under all your gear, they won't protect you from the dreaded road rash or an accident. Please keep an eye out for other drivers as your safety is a priority. As much as many of us want to drive with reckless abandon, it's best to play it safe. Your friends, family, and us will appreciate it.

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