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Should Thermals be Tight or Loose?

Should Thermals be Tight or Loose?

If you look online, you'll find many message boards debating the age-old question of, should thermals be tight or loose? Some people like them tight, while others will size up and wear them loose. While comfort is essential, loose-fitting thermals won't do the job they are meant to do. If your men’s thermal shirts are loose at the waist, neckline, or wrists, then the chances of cold air entering those areas will increase.

Thermals for men should fit snug. To ensure their effectiveness, all base layers should have a snug and fitted feel. This means they'll be like a second layer of skin. Any gaps that are between your skin and the fabric will allow the cold air to sneak in. Wearing your actual size is most effective in a base layer as they are made slightly smaller than regular clothes to attain that fitted style and snug appeal. There's no need to size down, and going up will have you seeing less of the thermal's benefits.

The Benefits of Thermals Fitting Snug

• Heat Retention – You give off body heat. The snug fit of a men’s thermal shirt is effective in heat retention. This tight fit allows your body heat to remain against your skin for an even heat distribution. It also works as a way to prevent cold air from entering underneath the fabric.

• Moisture-Wicking – Due to body heat and other daily activities, you're going to sweat. One of the main benefits of wearing thermals with a snug fit is that they pull the sweat away from your skin and release it through the fabric. This keeps you dry and also works to promote warmth and encourage heat retention. Any gaps will allow cold air in. On sweaty skin, this can cause health problems and increase your chance of becoming uncomfortable real fast.

• The 4-Way Stretch – With many thermals for men currently being made of a polyester/spandex blend, you will find that the stretchy fabric will give you full mobility. With this, full mobility is also added comfort as the thermals won't bunch up on you or ride up in areas you don't want them to. This is why it's essential to get a snug-fitting thermal. If you're an athlete or an everyday person who likes to be active, this is a crucial bonus in wearing thermals.

• Ultimate Comfort – A snug fit does equal a more comfortable fit. With nothing bunching up, you can relax. If they keep you warm, then you'll feel better in the outdoors and can tolerate the chill better. If you sweat and the breathable and snug fabric pulls that moisture away, then you won't have to worry about frostbite while outside or wearing damp clothes inside.

No matter the style, design, or fabric you get, men’s thermal shirts and other thermal bottoms are best worn tight or snug like a second skin. Not only will you be comfortable, but you'll be able to reap all the benefits that come with this fitted style.

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