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When is the Best Time to Wear Thermal Underwear?

When is the Best Time to Wear Thermal Underwear?

When it comes to thermal wear, finding the right time to wear them is relatively easy. One thing to consider is your tolerance to the cold. Since everyone is different, 30-degree weather is going to feel different to you than another person. It can also be dependent on the climate you're in. If you're used to colder weather, you may handle it better than someone who lives in a year-round warmer climate. 

Either way, it's essential to make sure you have the right pair and wait for when the temperature drops a little too low for you. Also, don't forget men’s thermal pants. Your legs can get cold and suffer from frostbite just as much as your arms do. You'll lose body heat in your arms and legs first before your core. So, it's best to wear both thermal tops and bottoms for ultimate protection.

If you need to, take into consideration your activity level. Even if it's colder out, a full set of men’s thermal wear will still be perfect protection from the cold. Thermals aren't just worn to keep you warm, but also will keep you dry. You're going to sweat, and if you're out in the cold, that can prove harmful if that moisture sticks to your skin and has no way to escape. Thermals are made of a moisture-wicking material like polyester/spandex that is designed to be breathable while pulling moisture from your body to keep you dry. 

As it gets colder, even if you're tolerant of lower temperatures, it's still a fantastic idea to put on some thermals, including men’s thermal pants. Staying as dry as possible in the cold is essential, no matter how you handle the outside temperatures. It will also make a great base layer to fend of some of the biting and chilly wind that seems to come uninvited during the Autumn and Winter months.

Even if the outdoors isn't necessarily for you, your work may make wearing thermals a necessity. Air conditioning in some offices and even retailers can get quite frigid as many seem to set the AC to arctic temperatures. Wearing a hoodie isn't always allowed to help fight off that chill, but thermals underneath your suit or work clothes will do just the trick. There's no need to shiver at your desk or while on the job if you don't have one. Plus, you'll be comfortable and won't have to worry about freezing at work and have it ruin your day.

Wearing thermals is best when the weather starts getting chilly to cold or when your office and your workplace puts the thermostat on the arctic setting. Best of all, as a base layer, you'll stay comfortable, warm, and dry, so your need to layer won't be as extensive unless you work outside in the cold temperatures. Finding the right thermal wear is easy and make sure you get a pair that fits snug yet offers full-mobility.

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