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Should Boys Wear Underwear Under Their Thermals?

Should Boys Wear Underwear Under Their Thermals?

When it comes to kids' thermals, underwear is a must. While thermals are also known as long underwear, it’s only because they’re traditionally worn under your regular clothes. Boy’s thermal underwear, while making a generous base layer or even a pajama, still needs something underneath it. This is where the basic underwear comes into play.

Why Underwear Should be Worn Under Thermals

First of all, since the Wild West ended years ago, thermal underwear in any form is no longer the basis for underwear. It won’t be the primary item under your clothes. Another thing to consider is that your kid’s skin is going to be more sensitive than yours, even more so in the groin area.  Boxers will be uncomfortable and will bunch up under the thermals, so tossing them to the side for a brief or boxer brief will be a fantastic substitute. 

Consider that thermals will fit tight, so you don’t want any of your kid’s undies bunching up on them. Additionally, underwear will also give your kids some added protection against the elements. It will also reduce chafing as your kids run and play outside or even move about at home or school. 

Another thing to consider is that you may want to wear these kid’s thermals a few days in a row. If your kids are prone to showering every day, this can cause some hygiene issues if no underwear is worn. Underwear will keep the groin area protected while wearing boy’s thermal underwear. It can also prevent any stains or reduce the possibility of any accidents affecting the thermals. It’s best to have something clean in your private areas if you plan to wear thermals for more than one day without washing them.

What Kind of Underwear Should You Wear?

Even if your kids are a boxers fan, they will undoubtedly ride up, bunch up, and make for a less than comfortable experience while wearing thermals. As underwear is a must, they can also prevent the moisture-wicking properties of your thermals from helping in that area of the body. 

There are options to help alleviate this issue. Whether you choose briefs or boxers briefs, finding some that are moisture-wicking and odor-resistant can make for a more comfortable experience for your kids. Plus, they’ll help protect them from any unnecessary chafing in the process.

No matter what kind of thermals you get for your kids, wearing underwear is a necessity if they plan on wearing the same thermal set several days in a row. While this will help you on laundry day, making sure they wear underwear may be challenging if your kid prefers boxers over something tighter.

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