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Should I Wear a Shirt Under My Thermals?

Should I Wear a Shirt Under My Thermals?

Wearing a t-shirt under your thermals may seem like a fantastic idea until you try it. After all, thermals are meant to be snug-fitting. This means they’ll fit like a second skin. Having another item under your men’s thermals beside underwear will, in fact, prove to be uncomfortable. 

That snug fit doesn’t work well with something bunching underneath it. Thermals or long johns for men are made so they won’t ride or bunch up when worn. Something underneath your thermal shirt like a t-shirt will cause the fabric to bunch up and make the ordinarily comfortable snug fit too tight and less than pleasant.

Thermals are meant to be a practical layer that has become a fashion mainstay in the colder months. They keep you warm and pull moisture from your body for a complete feel of comfort. Wearing a t-shirt underneath, especially if the shirt is cotton, which many are, can add discomfort to your day. As you sweat, your t-shirt will absorb it. This will cause your cotton t-shirt to get soggy, damp, and just a mess to deal with. 

If that isn’t enough to ditch the idea of an undershirt beneath your thermals, then you’ll probably overheat. Thermals help regulate body temperature with their breathable fabric and moisture-wicking abilities. Wearing a t-shirt underneath will prevent these benefits from working, which will cause you to sweat more, get hot, and finally grow uncomfortable enough to shed a layer of clothing. 

Men’s thermals are meant to fit against your skin for a cleaner and more form-fitting look. A shirt underneath them will make you look bulky and will prove to be a case of layering gone wrong. The outline of a shirt under your thermal shirt will draw the attention of a few people and even more as you grow more uncomfortable due to the excessive heat that is locked in that t-shirt. Plus, the absorption of sweat can stain the thermals and will prevent you from partaking in all the benefits of the thermals.

While no one will stop you from putting on a t-shirt before your thermal shirt, it's best to wear it on top of the thermal instead of underneath, for thermals to work effectively, they need to have full contact with your skin. Wear a t-shirt over for more comfort, better layering, and some vintage 90s style. Toss on a flannel to add extra warmth and comfort to your long johns for men. The form will be more flattering, and you’ll feel so much more comfortable and not be trying to pull your shirt away from your skin all day due to sweat.

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