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Should Guys Wear Compression Pants?

Should Guys Wear Compression Pants?

It's time to ditch those shorts and slide on some of those legging tights for men and live free at the gym and during all your workouts. In today’s men’s activewear industry, men’s clothing is getting smaller, tighter, and smaller. Because of this, many men have flocked to the running pants for men for their perceived and proven benefits. So, if you don’t like the word tights, then compression pants may be more comfortable for you to handle.

The Answer is Yes

As you and more men show up to the gym in tight-fitting compression pants, you may get a few looks that suggest you throw on a pair of shorts over them. While some may do so due to their own preference, many men forgo the shorts as it can hinder or constrict their training. Whether you choose to wear shorts over your running pants for men or not is honestly more of a personal choice and not a now down to society. 

Think of it this way, do swimmers wear board shorts over their skin tight speedos? Nope. Of course, wearing skin tight clothing alone does take a certain level of confidence. After all, ladies have been rocking tights for decades. So, don't be overly sensitive about how much exposure leggings for men will give you.

You know that not every guy looks like they stepped off the cover of a fitness magazine or commercial for athletic wear. While it doesn’t matter, it is essential to embrace the leggings, with or without anything layered on top. It is up to you, after all. Either way, you’ll still gain the benefits of wearing compression leggings, shorts or no shorts. Running pants for men are comfortable, but if you feel awkward without shorts, this could affect your performance. In that case, add the extra layer to calm your anxiety and still reap the benefits. There’s no need to feel self-conscious at the squat rack if you think the whole gym is staring at your athletics. 

Should you wear compression pants at the gym? Yes, you should wear them. But, you should only be as comfortable as you can possibly be when you exercise. If that means adding shorts, then do so. They can cut down on drag for runners and support your muscles properly when you do lunges and squats. They pull sweat from your body to keep you dry and help you in your post-workout recovery.

The most important thing is to ignore any concerns you may have about what others may think of you. Unless they’re going to spot you, their opinion matters little and doesn’t help you train better. Your performance and comfort are more important than a stare, and nowadays, more men are embracing compression pants and are living their best life. So, should you.

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