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Oil Rigger: Staying Warm While Out in the Field

Oil Rigger: Staying Warm While Out in the Field

The oil companies pay well. Working on an oil rig or out in the field on the mainland has brought many men and women good pay and some great benefits. This has enticed many people to apply for a new career. While employees have reaped the financial rewards of this industry, workers face many challenges, both physically and mentally. The trade is robust, not too mention intense. The conditions can prove dangerous and more so in the winter months with extreme weather.

Beside regular job-related injuries, an oil rigger can face hypothermia and even frostbite as the temperature drops. If your body can’t generate body heat fast enough to keep up with a drop-in temperature, then hypothermia can set in. Knowing the signs not only for yourself but your coworkers can help save lives and even potential injury to your health. 

• Layering with a mens thermal underwear set will retain the much-needed body heat and lock it on your body. Long underwear is not what it used to be and works by fitting snug against your skin to keep warmth from escaping. It also wicks away moisture to keep you dry. Due to its light-weight, thermals can be worn under your regular clothes so you can layer adequately.

• Always keep your neck and head covered. Your body heat will find the quickest way to escape, and these areas are usually the least protected. 

• Merino wool or a synthetic fabric will provide the best protection. These types of materials are excellent for keeping you warm. However, cotton will absorb and keep the moisture in, leaving you wearing damp clothing in the cold and releasing your body warmth.

• Staying active is essential as this will help your body generate the body heat you need to keep warm.

• Though you work as an oil rigger, avoid any direct skin contact with any metal surface. 

• Cold weather can tax your system. Eating right and regularly will keep your body fueled up to face that 12-hour shift out in the field. Working all day will burn calories, and eating regularly and nutritionally will keep you fueled and alert to prevent injury.

• Fluids are just as essential as food. You can dehydrate fast in colder temperatures. While you may want to toss back a beer, wait until you’re home or off duty if allowed. Alcohol can thin the blood vessels, not too mention dull your senses and increase the chances of an accident.

Working on the rig can be seasonal or permanent, depending on where you are. As a rigger, you help provide the nation and the world with fuel to keep it moving forward. Men's thermal underwear set is a must-have for the colder seasons at work. If you work on an oil rig, pack a few pairs of long underwear for an extended stay and to make yourself as comfortable as possible.

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