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Men: Staying Warm on Halloween Is So Easy, it’s Scary

Men: Staying Warm on Halloween Is So Easy, it’s Scary

As Fall brings you the colored leaves, warm campfires, and hunting, it also symbolizes Halloween. Whether you’re sitting at home watching a scary movie, partying it up at all the Halloween parties, or even letting your inner child roam free by trick or treating, staying warm is an essential part of the season and holiday.

You got your costume at the local Halloween store. No matter if it’s a cowboy, police officer, inmate, or zombie, the chill can wreak havoc on your good time. For many, the idea of wearing a jacket over the costume kind of ruins the spirit of the evening, but you can wear a men’s thermal set or a pair of thermal underwear for men.

A simple, lightweight, or medium weight thermal may be the perfect base layer to your costume as the fabric that makes them are pretty thin. While you’re waiting in line at the corn maze, no one will see a shivering costumed firefighter. Plus, men’s costumes aren’t as revealing as women’s which makes it easier for you to layer for added warmth and comfort.

Steps to stay warm this spooky season:

• Check your smartphone for the weather forecast.  While having fun is essential, its best to plan ahead a little. 

• Choose the proper weight thermal for your costume. If the temperature isn’t too cold, then a lightweight men’s thermal set will be perfect for a base layer. If you need added warmth and want to avoid the hoodie, go for a midweight set of thermal underwear for men. 

• Depending on the thermals, you made need to buy a bigger size for your costume. This may not be a problem, but if you plan on layering more than your base-layer, then it may be needed.

• Masks can work great to protect the face, and those that cover the whole head will add a level of protection as well. Some themes costumes come with hats or require them, ie. Cowboy, Police Officer, Firefighter, etc.

• Wear a jacket or hoodie: Sometimes, even with the best layering, a coat is needed. You can always take this off once you’re inside.

• Gloves or hand warmers are perfect for keeping your hands warm. If you’re waiting in line for that haunted house or taking the kids out, these will help keep you warm.

Halloween is a popular time of year for fun, frights, free candy, and costume parties. Though it can get chilly or downright cold in some areas, thermal underwear for men can help keep you warm so you can enjoy the evening more. A men’s thermal set will fit perfectly under your costume so you can enjoy the festivities without freezing any of your body parts off. Preparing for Halloween is easy and takes a few minor steps. Now is the time to take in all those seasonal events as they should be the only things chilling you to the bone.

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