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Doctors: What to Wear Beneath Your Scrubs

Doctors: What to Wear Beneath Your Scrubs

Medical professionals have a lot of standards to maintain. Appearance is an important one. Most of these standards deal with where they work, so what they’re allowed to wear underneath their scrubs can be quite complicated. Some situations they aren’t permitted to wear anything under their scrubs and other times, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear men’s thermal pants or men’s thermal tops to help ward off the chill of a hospital’s air conditioning. It’s important to know when you are permitted so you know what to look out for and how thermals can play an important roll in keeping you warm and comfortable while working.

For those permitted, a solid base-layer of men’s thermal pants or men’s thermal shirts are the perfect thing to wear underneath your scrubs. They fit snugly, which is excellent as loose clothing can look sloppy. Even though doctors heal the sick and save lives, they’re still required to have a certain level of professionalism to their look. Thermals have long sleeves and are acceptable in many places as long as they can be rolled up when needed. 

A good base-layer is optimum to comfort, but they should also fit right. They need to be tight, but not too close. They will not only keep you warm in what seems like the arctic temperatures of a hospital but also provide a layer of comfort. Keep in mind that doctors, like all medical professionals, are always washing their hands. Your thermals need to be clean and probably washed on a regular basis. With health care professionals, the answer to whether or not to wear anything under your scrubs, like thermals, comes down to one thing. That’s cleanliness and preventing the spread of pathogens. 

Though many hospitals and clinics have their own rules and procedures to follow, keeping everything clean is paramount over everything else. No one wants to knowingly spread pathogens to unwanted areas. For the doctors in that area of expertise, thermals may not be acceptable, but others may be able to layer well without having to worry too much about things. 

Comfort and warmth are primary factors for many people in all professions, including doctors and those in the medical field. While many have to forego some of these small necessities for their job, others carry a bit more freedom. A primary care doctor could get away with wear their thermals under their scrubs a lot more than an emergency room or operating room doctor. Whether you’re new to the field in school or a seasoned medical professional, what you do and where you work will have a lot to say about wearing your men’s thermal pants and men’s thermal shirts under your scrubs. While you may want to stay comfortable all day, thermals may not be allowed due to possible exposure risks or directly against a clinic’s dress code. But, if given the freedom, thermals are the perfect base-layer to keep you warm and dry during your busy day.

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