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Marching Band and Why Kids Thermals are a Must

Marching Band and Why Kids Thermals are a Must

When it comes to marching band, your kids will face different types of temperatures. On the one hand, you're going to have a lot of heat, especially during the summer. On the other hand, you may find that your kid is marching for the Christmas parade in the middle of winter. Besides the temperature, wind, and even the possibility of equipment freezing up, your kids in for an interesting experience.

Staying Warm

One of the biggest challenges during the cold weather is your kid's body isn't going to work as well as it does during the summer. It's cold out, and pretty much all your kid will want to do is bundle up with some blankets,  some hot chocolate, and call it a day. Even if they're marching through a parade or at the halftime show at the school's sports game, your kids will still need to stay warm. Kids thermals or even boy's thermals are going to be one of the best things you can buy your kid for upcoming colder weather. 

It is helpful to know what the signs are for hypothermia in kids. This is because their body temperature will slowly drop while they're out in the cold. Much of this will be because of lack of activity and the fact that the marching band uniform will be reasonably thin. There is the chance of there not being any heat resource or even sunlight if it's an overcast day. This can make not only a miserable experience but can also result in hypothermia. Kids thermals would greatly help keep your kid warm, especially on a long day of marching band practice.

Here Are Some Symptoms of Hypothermia:

‣ Memory loss, slurred speech, or confusion

‣ There can be a drop in body temperature below 95 degrees Fahrenheit

‣ Exhaustion and or drowsiness is also a symptom

‣ Numb hands and feet

‣ A loss of consciousness

‣ Your kids breathing may become shallow

‣ Shivering 

While your kid's school and teachers will do their best to make sure your kids stay safe, it's helpful for you to take that extra step and equip your kid with some boy's thermals. They can wear them underneath their uniform for protection. This will help keep them warm as they march or rehearse in one spot. The thermals will also wick away any moisture. 

Playing an instrument and walking for a long time during a parade is still a lot of activity. Your kid is going to sweat, and that could prove harmful when the weather is cold. Thermals will help keep them warm while giving them the freedom of movement they need to march in a parade without worrying about getting too cold. Remember, hot chocolate is always welcomed after the game or after the parade is over. 

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