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Keeping Warm like the Winter Olympians

Keeping Warm like the Winter Olympians

When it comes to Winter sports, nothing takes center stage more than the Winter Olympics. Every country presents their best athletes to compete on the world platform. With years of training, determination, and a mix of blood, sweat, and tears, each athlete is ready to bring home the gold for their country.

Fans and families rush to these events to show their support and solidarity to those who compete in these rugged and often freezing temperatures. From figure skating to bobsledding, the temperatures can reach subzero, and preparing for any of these events takes a little extra time. Clothing is everything.

Staying Warm

Athletes aren’t just working hard in the extreme environment to win a medal, but also to stay warm. As they compete, their body creates a lot of body heat to compensate for the cold around them. Unfortunately for us, the spectators cheering them on, no amount of applause or flag-waving will equal that, so we need something extra to keep us warm and comfortable while we enjoy the events.

The amount of layers you need to make yourself comfortable will depend on which event you go to. For the stadium events, thermal underwear for men will make a great base layer and help keep you warm and sweat-free for the majority of the day. This can range from a lightweight or midweight men’s thermal set that you can layer on top of that. 

If you plan on hitting the slopes, or want to watch as a bobsled team zips past you, then a midweight or heavyweight set of thermals would work best as the temperatures at higher altitudes will be colder than those at the stadium. Either way, thermal underwear for men is the perfect choice to start your layering. 

Don’t skimp on thermals for these events. Fabric and weight are everything, and you want memories of cheering for the event and watching your country score the gold, not shivering miserably on the side of a mountain. As your body heats up, you’ll sweat. Yes, even in the cold. Choose a material that has moisture-wicking properties. A men’s thermal set that is made of Merino wool is the best, but many won’t appreciate the cost, not to mention the care that is needed to keep them clean.

A great alternative is a polysynthetic fabric. These fabrics are weaved and sown in a specific way to give them their moisture-wicking abilities. They will also keep you warm and comfortable without bunching up. Wearing them is like having on a second skin, and they’re easier to clean in the wash.

Watching the Winter Olympics is a remarkable experience and staying warm and comfortable will help you enjoy the event more. The proper thermals, hats, gloves, and yes, even face tape like the Olympians, you can cheer on your team and raise your country’s flag high while there. Don’t forget a thermos of hot cocoa or coffee and some water. So, have fun and go for the gold!

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