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How Commercial Fisherman Stay Warm on the Open Sea

How Commercial Fisherman Stay Warm on the Open Sea

Fishing for many is a tough career. While many may consider fishing an ideal job, the actual reality of working in the commercial fishing industry is far from glamorous. Though many types of jobs are available in the fishing industry, each one has its challenges and experience. There are some things however that are consistent across the industry.

Cold Weather

Extreme cold is dangerous, and if you add in being surrounded by miles of water, that all makes commercial fishing a hazard of its own. If you’re cold, your hands stop working right, and your thinking slows down. Include sleep deprivation from long hours, and fatigue sets in which can lead to injury and in extreme cases, death. Another problem is frostbite and the weather. Storms and ever-present danger of falling overboard are high on the list.

Like most jobs in the outdoors, layering is the best way to avoid cold injuries. Men’s thermal underwear will work best as a base layer because it can trap your body heat in. While this layer will help keep you comfortable, the job itself is extremely challenging, and the little comfort you get from staying warm will help you, especially if you layer correctly on the open seas.

Make sure the base layer is snug, like a second skin. Loose thermals for men will bunch up and won’t distribute your body heat correctly. Be sure to add additional layers as well to keep the heat where it belongs. An outer layer of water-resistant nylon or a Gore-tex jacket will help keep the majority of the water and rain out and keep you dry, so you don’t lose your ability to regulate your body temperature.

As you layer, keep them loose, but not too loose so you can remove them quickly in case you do fall overboard. The weight of the extra clothing can drag you down, and you want to shed those additional layers as fast as possible while your crew works to get you back on the ship. 

Rough Seas and Storms

Commercial fisherman fish in every condition the ocean throws at them. This means calm to harsh weather, and most boats go out unless the risk for injury or death is too high. If you find yourself out during a particularly rough moment, layering like you would for the cold will help greatly. Thermals for men will provide an added level of protection so you won’t lose your body heat to quickly. Depending on where you end up working, you may end up fishing in colder or northern climates. Choosing a proper weighted set of men’s thermal underwear at the right size will help you face those conditions. 

As a commercial fisherman, you can’t control the weather or the movement of the ocean, but you can control how you dress. While conditions will range from extreme heat to blistering cold, wearing the right thermals will give you some added protection against the elements. As part of a crew of fishermen, you’ll see long hours in various weather conditions, and preparing for them will add some comfort to an already rough day.

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