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How Olympians Wear Compression Gear

How Olympians Wear Compression Gear

Have you ever wondered how hard Olympians train? At some point, you may have seen images of them in training. Whether it be for promotional videos or ads, seeing an Olympian in all their athletic glory is pretty inspiring. All the metals and even endorsements make for some serious encouragement in your fitness game. But why do they wear compression gear

Besides the tight-fitting clothing - that makes them look great, Olympic athletes, like other professional athletes, wear compression gear for many reasons. Whether it’s a short sleeve compression shirt on a warm day or hitting the track in compression shorts for running to break another world record, athletes are benefiting every day from choosing compression wear.

What is compression clothing? Well, it’s designed to add pressure to the body externally. Usually, the pressure is applied more to the limbs. Compression clothing has a relatively broad range of products like pants, shorts, shirts, sleeves, and more.

Originally, compression gear was introduced with the medical community to treat specific conditions, but the sports industry and Olympians have improved on their uses to increased performance and recovery. They work by improving your blood flow and delivering oxygen and nutrients to your muscles. This process also aids in the removal of waste products like lactic acid which causes soreness. Other benefits that Olympians get from compression gear is improved recovery, reduce muscle damage, and less inflammation post-exercise. 

Do Olympians feel the benefit of wearing compression clothing? This is usually measured based on fatigue, muscle soreness, and other factors. Also, physiological indicators like reduction of  swelling, removal of lactates, and even post-workout swelling are measured to indicate any benefit for the Olympic athlete. 

Compression gear has proven its benefit for Olympians and other sports athletes. Whether it’s the Olympics, endurance, or HIIT training, compression gear has become a valuable mainstay in today's fitness industry. The recovery benefits of compression gear have helped Olympic athletes worldwide achieve the success they’ve needed in their careers. With increased performance and circulatory benefits with compression, the data suggests that it's highly beneficial to wear compression gear during and after training.

Though not all Olympians can stand on a pedestal to gain a metal, they have all worked hard to achieve the success of being there. Through hard physical and mental fortitude, along with compression gear, these athletes have proven themselves. Their athletic prowess will earn them prestige and for some glory. No matter the type of clothing they wear, short sleeve compression shirt or even compression shorts of running, many are bound to break records and take home the gold. If you want to take your fitness routine to the next level, train like an Olympian and follow their lead on compression clothing.

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