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How Many Layers Do I Actually Need?

How Many Layers Do I Actually Need?

As the cold weather approaches, dressing for the lower temperatures starts becoming a priority. Though you may dread the upcoming extreme weather, preparing for it won't take much effort. It all comes down to layering. While this may seem to be repetitious in the winter season, it's a practical way to dress warmly without all the unnecessary bulk. But how many layers do you actually need? A lot of it depends on you and your tolerance for the cold. A brisk autumn morning may only require a thermal long johns shirt for you, but for another, they may need a full set of men’s thermal underwear. Here are some layering essentials to help you make the right decision for yourself when getting ready to hit the outdoors in the winter.

Layer Basics 101

Layering is either done right or wrong. The wrong way is overdressing and adding a jacket so bulky you can't walk in it. While there are times when an arctic parka is crucial, most of the time, you won't have to hit the layering so hard. The main point of layering is regulating your comfort. You want to be able to slip on layers if you're cold and take them off if you get too warm. This is also useful when the weather changes. What might be a bright sunny winter morning can quickly become a dreaded blizzard by noon. Layering is a great way to stay prepared.

1. The Base Layer is the most crucial layer for you to have. It wicks away sweat and moisture to keep you dry, and it'll also help you regulate your body temperature. Plus, it's comfortable and won't hinder your movements or bunch up under your other clothes.

2. The Middle Layer or the insulating layer. Insulation isn't only for houses. This layer helps retain your body heat and protect you from the cold. This is usually a sweater, flannel, and even your denim jeans.

3. The Outer Layer or the shell. This is where good water and wind resistant jackets come into play. It doesn't have to be bulky. It does, however, need to shield you from the rain and the wind. It's got to keep the water from getting inside your other layers.

You don't have to wear all of these layers. It ultimately comes down to your tolerance to the cold and the weather conditions. It is best to bring all the layers with you. That way, you can peel them off if needed. However, always make sure you have your base layer of thermal long johns on. This is the one that will help you determine if you need the others. Men’s thermal underwear will provide the base for the other two layers. Without this layer, you find yourself shivering and wearing too much clothing while sweating at the same time. You don't have to dread winter if you wear the right amount of layers.

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