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Your Winter Armor: How Thermal Underwear Gets Cozy

Your Winter Armor: How Thermal Underwear Gets Cozy

If you have never worn long johns for men, you might be wondering how a thin layering item can provide warmth—or why you can’t just layer the undershirts or fitness pants you already have in your closet? These are excellent questions that we provide the answers to below. 

Patented Fabric Designed to Maximize Heat

Thermajohn men’s thermal sets are a patented 2-ply fabric designed to trap your natural body heat in keeping you warm when it’s cold out. Think of your new fleece-lined thermals as a personal layer of insulation that prevents heat loss and protects against cold air better than a single layer of clothing. With the right thermals, you can stay warmer in the cold weather when working in a drafty environment, or when indoors during the winter months.

Keeping You Warm and Dry

Warmth is your top priority when wearing long johns for men, but for thermals to work properly, you must remain dry. Even when it’s cold, our bodies naturally perspire especially when working out or going from the cold outdoors to your home or office. Not to worry as our men’s thermal sets are made with antibacterial and moisture wicking technology—which is essential for hygiene. Moisture wicking is a two-step process. First, it wicks the perspiration away from your skin, then it speeds the rate at which your perspiration dries. This is similar to how your favorite athletic wear works, which is why our thermals are a popular option for winter workouts. 

Comfort Fit is Essential

If you’ve tried to layer what you already have in your closet, you may find yourself frustrated at how bulky your layering items feel which is why it’s time to make the move to thermals. Made from a quality blend of polyester and spandex, you will enjoy a tight but comfortable fit. No worry of bunching or chafing as our lightweight thermals stretch 4 ways ensuring that they stay put. They also have a comfortable elastic waistband and a tag-free label. And as you can see, our designs are sleeker and more stylish than most thermals—meaning you will find multiple ways to wear them. 

If you are in the market for long johns for men we invite you to browse the collection at Thermajohn. We have a variety of neutral colors and you can purchase tops and bottoms solo or as a set.

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