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The Key Benefits of Compression Gear in Workouts

The Key Benefits of Compression Gear in Workouts

Compression clothing is snug-fitting pieces of clothing that fit like a second skin. They provide full mobility and ease of movement while you work out. Though they’ve been a long-time staple in the fitness industry, it hasn’t been until now that more athletes are wearing them to promote a faster recovery of muscles and an enhanced performance. Research alone has shown that compression clothing like a long sleeve compression shirt and other types will reduce swelling, muscle fatigue, and soreness. A compression long sleeve shirt will help minimize muscle damage due to exercise and soreness, and not to mention they’ll make you look great.

• You’ll see a reduction in soreness. This soreness is a response to inflammation caused by tissue damage. This can come in the form of swelling which signals pain nerves. It's this signal that makes you feel the soreness. Swelling is reduced when you wear compression clothing. It works by applying pressure on your body and reducing the spaces available to cause muscle soreness.

• Another key benefit is the better running economy. You’ll see an improvement of up to 9% better oxygen flow. The oxygen delivery is enhanced during your training session, and the compression wear will also increase your muscle coordination and proprioception. This translates as your muscles working together better and your ability to sense movement and position will be improved.

• Your muscles won’t be as strained or fatigued during a workout. This will help boost your recovery time and help you power through a workout or even train longer.

• Compression garments will improve your muscle recovery between your fitness sessions. They help with acute recovery, which happens during training. You will see your agility and speed stay consistent for a longer period of time. You’ll be able to do more rep or sets per exercise.

• Muscle fatigue will be reduced. Compression clothing will reduce the amount of tissue damage and overall exhaustion of your muscles. During activities like jumping or other high impacts athlete exercises, compression garments put more pressure on your skin receptors. This way you can perform like the professional athletes you see on TV. You can lift heavier and jump higher than usual. 

A long sleeve compression shirt is a valuable addition to your workout attire. Whether it’s a short leave shirt or a compression long sleeve shirt, the benefits in addition to compression pants or shorts are numerous. If you want to take your fitness routine to the next level and look great while doing it, then consider a few pairs of compression clothing. Look at it as fitness equipment on top of clothing. The more tools you add to help with your workout will only benefit you in the long run. Your fitness routine will only benefit from compression gear.

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