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How Compression Wear Speeds up Your Post-Workout Recovery

How Compression Wear Speeds up Your Post-Workout Recovery

You see them everywhere. Countless athletes in tight-fitting clothing are powering through their weight training or pounding through their run on the treadmill. You’re probably getting sore just watching them. Even your gym bud swears by his mens running compression shorts after burning a thousand calories on the treadmill. He’ll also flex in the compression long sleeve shirt he’s wearing to prove how fit he is and emphasize that compression gear helps his recovery time.

All compression gear is made to feel tight, like a second skin. Though tighter than your average thermal, compression gear adds pressure to the surface of your body. They reduce all unneeded muscle vibration and will boost your blood circulation. As you may have noticed from your friend and other athletes at the gym, those that wear them seem to train harder and faster than everyone else. Since you want to up your game at the gym or track, here are some proven claims to get you training like a hard-core professional.

#1 Compression gear helps stabilize your muscles. They cling to your body and reduce any muscle oscillation. This will help alleviate soreness and reduce your chances of injury like sprains or strains. If you’re wondering how legitimate this is, the Journal of Sports Sciences has shown that wearing compression garments will reduce muscle impact by twenty-seven percent. This also links to fewer injuries related to your fitness goals. 

#2 Wearing compression gear will help boost your overall performance. The clothing improved your blood flow to and from your heart. This translates as more oxygen getting to your muscles when you need it. While the boost may be modest on a physical level, the mental boost is even better. Since any fitness routine involves an equal amount of mental work, you’ll get an equal boost mentally with compression gear.

#3 Since muscles lactate during a workout, this causes soreness post-workout. With an increase of blood circulation, the lactic acid is flushed from your system faster, which means little to no soreness after your workout. This soreness is also an indication of tissue damage that is common with any high-intensity workouts. Recent studies have shown that compression garments are effective at reducing soreness and muscle weakness after exercising, especially plyometric types of exercises. 

As someone who trains, you can’t afford to spend valuable gym time trying to recover from yesterday’s workout. Men's running compression shorts or even a compression long sleeve shirt will help boost your post-workout recovery time. You’ll be able to spend more time at the gym then soaking in a tub of cold water. While there is always a chance of injury, proper form and compression gear will prevent a lot of the strains and sprains you may get from any high-intense fitness program or resistance training. They’ll keep you dry and comfortable so you can train harder and smarter while reaping all the positive benefits.

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