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Enjoy Camping and Hiking with the Right Thermals

Enjoy Camping and Hiking with the Right Thermals

Adventure and nature have called, and you heeded the voice of the wild. You packed your tent, food, water, and other necessities for the trip. Even the weather app on your phone was consulted. Clothes are already in the vehicle, and you’re ready to hit your camping and hiking trip fast and disconnect with modern life for a few days and reconnect with who you are as a person.

Camping and hiking go hand-in-hand. It is hard to find many people who don’t love one or the other, or even both. There is something about nature in all its glorious splendor that brings out your inner mountain man/woman. But like nature, the weather can take a turn for the dramatic.

That’s why you, this great adventurer, must put together the ultimate armor. By armor, we mean a robust set of thermals for men. These will be the foundation of your layering system that will keep you warm and comfortable on your trip. When it comes down to it, a men’s thermal set is the base layer that touches your skin.

A few things to consider when choosing your base layer for camping or hiking:

1. Fabric is everything: Since the weather is fickle in many areas, fabric will be the most crucial factor in choosing a base layer. You can choose between a synthetic or a natural material like merino wool. Both will wick moisture off your skin and keep you warm.

2. Material Weight: You only have three choices here. Lightweight, midweight, or heavyweight. While this isn’t boxing, unless you’re camping in extreme cold, a lightweight to midweight base layer will work great as you’ll be wearing other layers on top of them. 

3. Fit for snugness: Any moisture-wicking fabric needs to have direct contact with your skin. This helps distribute your body heat and pull sweat away.

Camping is a great pastime, especially with friends or family. The rugged outdoors can provide you an abundance of memories, and telling stories over a campfire can bring joy and laughter to many. Once you leave the warmth of the campfire, your base layer of thermals for men will keep you warm. 

Layering with a middle layer will help retain body heat and add additional protection from the cold. An outer layer is perfect for shielding you from the elements like rain, snow, and even the wind. For some, two middle layers are enough. The best thing about layering is that if you get too hot you can always remove a layer and put it back on if it gets too cold. 

Camping and hiking are enjoyable events that can take a bad turn if you’re freezing the whole time. No one wants to be uncomfortable, that can ruin a trip quickly. By wearing a good men’s thermal set as your base layer, you’ll not only be warm and comfortable, but you’ll enjoy the trip a whole lot more.

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