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Compression Wear and The Ultimate 5k

Compression Wear and The Ultimate 5k

You finally signed up for your first 5k and might be wondering what to wear for your first race day. Maybe you’re a regular on the marathon circuit and need to improve your performance for the race. Either way, you can benefit from compression wear. Since the time it was used for medical purposes only, compression clothing has come a long way, and their benefit for a long-distance run is fantastic. 

You’ll find compression gear almost anywhere. Usually, the clothing is made from nylon and spandex, but as of late, the vast majority has found that the polyester/spandex blends are proven to be more cost-effective and equally as good. They’ll fit you tight and reduce muscle movement. This prevents energy waste and assists your body with its natural and proper alignment. You’ll see an increase in blood flow so your muscles receive a constant supply of oxygen to sustain your performance on a run and aid in your recovery.

Whether you want compression shorts for running, don’t forget a men's compression short sleeve shirt as well. While skeptics believe that compression gear is more of a placebo effect, many athletes say otherwise. When you’re training for a distance event, it’s all about being consistent in finding the right tools to help you recover faster and without injuries. 

Here are some things compression clothing has been proven to help with:

  • They will increase venous return.
  • You’ll feel a reduction in exercise-induced muscle damage.
  • They speed up your post-workout recovery.
  • Lactic acid will be eliminated from your body faster.
  • Strength and power will see an increase which betters your performance.
  • More endurance.
  • More oxygen will get to your muscles.
  • You can control your overall body temperature better.

On top of being a physical sport, running, even a 5k can be a mental challenge as well. Compression gear is perfect for sore calf muscles, quads, and even glutes. They provide the necessary support while running a 5k or marathon. They also provide a simple layer of protection from abrasions or small cuts, and the recovery benefit from the clothing is excellent. 

Since they reduce soreness, wearing some compression shorts for running will ease any pain in your glutes and hips. Adding in a men's compression short sleeve shirt will also give you the added benefit of better oxygenation and added support for your back and torso. Your whole body can benefit from just these two pieces of clothing on a run. Not to mention they are shaping, meaning they’ll hold your muscles and joints in their proper places to prevent injuries.

In case you’re still wondering if compression gear is great for runners, whether professional or amateur, the benefits are proven to help you in every aspect. They also look great, which adds a psychological benefit of looking amazing. Plus, they wick away sweat to keep you dry and comfortable on those long runs. You won’t have to worry about letting a soggy wet feeling weigh you down.

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