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Heating Up the Truth: Does Thermal Underwear Really Work?

Heating Up the Truth:  Does Thermal Underwear Really Work?

With any product, there comes a certain level of skepticism. Fortunately for you, there's no need for that when it comes to thermal underwear for men. The question, does thermal underwear work as they say it does? Thermals have a long and proven history of keeping their wearers warm and cozy on cold nights and even during the day. Whether it's a men’s thermal set or just a thermal shirt, thermals have come a long way, and with this journey there are a lot of benefits that prove their mettle in colder climates and extreme conditions. 


One of the many reasons thermals work is the material. Before you go out and grab yourself a pair of cotton thermals, it's helpful to know that cotton will absorb and hold in moisture. This, at best, will leave you feeling damp and clammy. At worst, this water retention can lead to hypothermia in cold temperatures. 

Before you buy a pair or two of thermals, check the tag or packaging. Look for wool or a polyester/spandex blend for a more cost-effective choice. Both are lightweight materials and make the perfect fabric for your newly purchased, men’s thermal set. Don't size up as thermals are supposed to fit snug, like a second layer of skin. The right material also helps with the following:

‣ Heat retention – The snug fit and fabric help your body maintain a proper temperature. The heat you generate will be evenly distributed across your skin. Also, the tight fit will keep cold air from entering at the wrists, collar, waist, and ankle areas.

‣ The fabric is breathable and moisture-wicking – You've read that right. Thermals are made so moisture can escape and release it. They pull excess sweat from your body to keep you dry, and in cold weather, this is a big deal. The drier you are, the warmer and more comfortable you'll be. Also, you won't suffer from any embarrassing pit stains from over sweating.

‣ No funky smells will remain – You can wear thermals all day and night. They are also odor-resistant as they prevent odor-causing bacteria from remaining so you won't have to worry about any odd smells.

The right fabric makes thermal underwear for men the perfect base layer. If you work outdoors, in a frigid warehouse or office, or want to be comfortable playing in the snow with your family, thermals have you covered. 

Thermal underwear does work. Plus, you won't have to worry about them taking too long to work. You'll feel the comfort, warmth, and dryness right away so you there's no need to wait after putting them on. While some brands and materials are better than others, wearing them when it's chilly outside or while hitting the slopes, you soon become a believer and find yourself buying a few more pairs.

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