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Can Base Layers Be Worn Alone?

Can Base Layers Be Worn Alone?

As soon as the temperatures outside slide into the minus range, we usually no longer want to exercise in the fresh air. Suddenly the couch and stove appear much more tempting, and the evening run friends are confidently postponed to warmer times. Outdoor activities do not have to be canceled entirely or relocated to the gym in the winter months. Modern thermal underwear keeps us warm even at the lowest temperatures.

Thermal underwear is also known as functional underwear, ski underwear, or baselayer. It is the first layer of clothing worn directly on the skin under your other clothing. It is often worn, especially in winter, for heat retention. In the past, thermal base layers were mainly worn as underwear in frigid countries.

The primary function of thermal underwear is moisture-wicking to always maintain body temperature. So, it has an insulating and warming effect at low temperatures and cooling at high temperatures during physical exertion. Modern thermal underwear wicks moisture away quickly so that your skin stays drier and does not cool down as fast. Nevertheless, a light film of sweat can remain on the skin when you exert yourself. This serves as a natural temperature regulator for the body and cools down during physical exertion.

Imagine spending some quality time without a bulk of formal winter dressing. Thermal base layers can assure you of comfort and flexibility with their four-way stretchability. While indoor, you can use these thermal clothing as pajamas with a top that snugly fits your body. These can be used alone for cycling, walking, playing badminton, and exercising in the gym.

Wearing base layers alone depends mainly on the atmosphere temperature and the fabric quality the clothing is made of. The lightweight synthetic fibers such as polyester/ spandex blends with fleece lining give you a feeling of comfort and warmth whether you wear them alone or with a second layer.

Thermal underwear is now available in many variations. From long underpants/leggings, undershirts, long-sleeved shirts to bras and socks, everything is included. All these variants can be used alone to have a relaxing sensation without getting bulky. Layers of clothes restrict the movement, but base layers, when used alone, provide great flexibility, adapt like a second skin, and still allow complete freedom of movement. Besides temperature regulation, thermal underwear is characterized by its lightweight and high wearing comfort, thanks to the primarily seamless processing.

Thermajane and Thermajohn has what you all need to wear alone while spending your leisure time in your home or at some remote farmyard. The brand offers a wide range of current fashion and style that don’t constrain you to hide your thermal clothing under layers when it is unnecessary.

Thermal base layers are only one component of a successful and functioning clothing concept that can be worn alone to spend your leisure time comfortably. There are different ways of dressing on the go, always tailored to the purpose and personal preferences. If you choose the proper foundation - or in this case: the right baselayer, you will have more fun, feel good and be fresh and productive for longer.

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