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Are Polyester Thermal Underwear for Men Worth It?

Are Polyester Thermal Underwear for Men Worth It?

even polyester. Before you cringe at polyester, it has come a long way from a suit out of the 70s. It's made better and blends well with other fabrics to create a men's thermal set that'll keep you warm and dry all day. With all the options available, are polyester thermals worth it?

Polyester Thermals: A Must-Have for Winter

Before you break out the leisure suit from 40+ years ago, keep in mind that polyester has made new fashion advancements. Here are some reasons that make polyester the best thing to happen to thermal underwear.

• Comfort - Even though it's not a natural fiber, it's still soft to the touch. When worn, it has a high thermal efficiency to keep you from getting too cold when you're inside or outside. This comfort makes them a generous base layer.

• Breathability – High-quality polyester, especially if it's paired with a fleece lining, allows for more breathability than its wool counterparts. It's more porous, so it allows moisture to escape, so you stay dry.

• Durability – Polyester can last for a long time. It's highly durable and more resistant to constant wear. This wear can cause abrasions in the fabric, easier for wool or cotton thermals. Polyester, however, is more durable and built tough.

• Weight – Polyester is knitted in a way to be not only durable but thinner and lighter. This makes them perfect for layering in the winter. If you have to wear multiple layers, you shouldn't have to feel like you're wearing a lot of layers. Polyester is light enough, so you won't realize you're wearing it.

• Moisture-Wicking – Polyester absorbs a lot of moisture and lets it escape through the fabric to be released. This keeps you dry, which adds to your warmth and comfort.

• Price – Polyester is a more cost-effective solution. If you want a good quality men's thermal set but don't want to break the bank, polyester is an excellent choice. Polyester thermals are usually half the cost of Merino Wool or silk. You get more bang for the buck.

• Warmth – A snug-fitting polyester thermal will keep you warm as it retains your body heat. This leads to more comfortable wear.

Overall, polyester thermal underwear for men is going to be more cost-effective than others. They're also more durable and will dry faster, so you aren't left feeling wet or clammy. But is polyester worth it? The answer is yes. It's the perfect fabric for everyday wear. It's easier to wash and takes more of a beating due to your activities and regular wear. Don't let the lower cost fool you, as polyester thermals hold their own and make for a great base layer or can be worn alone.

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