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Are Thermals Effective for Camping in the Winter?

Are Thermals Effective for Camping in the Winter?

Camping in the winter can be a fantastic experience if you're prepared for everything that comes with the cold. Having the right gear, including some long johns for men, is an effective way to stay warm and cozy when it comes to fighting off the elements. Like any outdoor activity in the winter, a men’s thermal underwear set is an essential and effective way to stay. It makes the best layer it holds off the cold, and snow means layering for ultimate protection and comfort.

Keeping Warm While Camping

The tent is up, the campfire is going, and there's hot cocoa in a kettle near the fire. Now what? The fire probably won't last all night unless you plan on watching it all night. It's going to get cold, but it doesn't mean you can't do what you need to stay warm. Winter camping isn't for the weak.

Remember, your body is going to go through cycles when it comes to generating and losing heat. The more active you are, the more body heat you'll generate. The less active, like sleeping, the less body heat you'll have. Also, the extra activity means sweating, and being wet in the winter can be dangerous. Wearing the right clothes will keep you warm and dry. Wearing a base layer the whole time, both night and day, like long johns for men, will be useful in keeping that body heat in while pulling the sweat from your body so you stay dry. Wearing a full set is exceptionally beneficial as winter can bring a host of crazy weather conditions. 

  • A base layer like a men’s thermal underwear set is best for moisture-wicking and staying dry.
  • A middle layer for extra insulation like flannel or fleece.
  • An outer layer that is water and windproof to repel any wind, rain, or snow.
  • Don't forget your hands, feet, and head need protection as well. Choose insulated and waterproof materials to stay dry.
  • Bring some adhesive body warmers like any hand or toe warmers to slide inside your boots or gloves in case your tolerance to the cold isn't where you'd like it to be. 
  • Avoid cotton fabric when it comes to your thermals or most of your winter gear. While it's comfortable at first, as it gets wet, you'll soon grow colder and more uncomfortable as cotton absorbs and holds this moisture in. This can increase your chances of hypothermia and make your camping trip miserable.

Camping in the winter can be a thrilling and relaxing time if you're prepared for the adventure. Bring a few pairs of thermals as they'll be extremely effective in keeping your body heat in and the cold air out. Their moisture-wicking abilities also make them an essential part of your camping gear. Don't forget an insulated sleeping bag for a night of blissful sleep under the winter sky.

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