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Why Traffic Cops and Crossing Guards should Wear Thermals

Why Traffic Cops and Crossing Guards should Wear Thermals

Police Officers, especially those who spend a good chunk of their time outside, have a lot to deal with. With calls, traffic stops, or accidents, the boys in blue put their lives on the line in many different conditions. For many, they have to fight the colder months as well, and many times, a bulky jacket or coat doesn’t always cut it and can be constricting in their movements. With their lives on the line, it is essential that an officer keeps his freedom of movement.

Even crossing guards deal with the chill in their service as they direct traffic away from the children; they try to help move them safely across the street. For many this is a thankless job like the police force, but either way, protecting oneself from the chilly climate is essential to doing their job well without succumbing to the lower temperatures.

In winter or colder climates, this is especially important. That’s why thermal underwear for men would make a perfect addition to police officers’ arsenal. Even for those who volunteer or work as crossing guards, thermal wear is important to stay warm when your presence is needed outside.  Many officers will leave their coats in their patrol car and only bring them out for unfortunate traffic accidents. This can leave them vulnerable to the cold, but thermals can give them some added protection. 

With all the gear a patrol office needs to carry, bulky layers will only impede them on their job. Since thermal wear is thinner and allows freedom of movement, officers can stay warm without sacrificing their much-needed reaction time while on duty. Even crossing guards need some quick reflexes as bad drivers are rampant, and they need to be alert and respond fast if needed.

Thermal underwear for men fit snuggly like a second skin allowing body heat to be trapped all over, allowing the office to stay warm under his uniform. By choosing the right size, the officer won’t have to worry about an added bulk to his uniform. Both the officer and crossing guard can both benefit from the moisture-wicking benefits of the materials in thermal wear. This allows breathability and keeps sweat from sticking to the skin adding comfort to an already stressful job.

For both traffic cops and crossing guards, temperatures can swing wildly within a day, and making sure they have a solution for warmth is essential for the job. As the climate can throw curveballs regularly, thermals can take away one less problem in their daily line of work. 

With some officers having to sport some form of body armor, or even bulky uniforms, a set of thermals underneath can save them much discomfort in the colder climates. As crossing guards hold back traffic for schools, making sure they stay warm to do their job is equally important. Thermal underwear for men is a perfect base layer for those on duty.

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