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Why Does Thermal Underwear Work?

Why Does Thermal Underwear Work?

When it comes to surviving in the harsh winter, there’s one piece of advice that never fails: wear thermal underwear! It’s cozy, easy to do, and keeps you warm like nothing else on the market. But thermals can be pretty deceptive - they’re thin pieces of fabric, so how can you expect them to keep you warm in the winter?

The truth is that thermal underwear works to keep you warm easily, even when compared to the most advanced clothing on the market. But how does it actually work?

Thermal Underwear Works by Trapping Body Heat

The main advantage of thermal underwear is that it traps your body heat before it can evaporate. The tight fit works to catch your body heat and keep it right where you need it. In addition, the fabric of thermal underwear is two-ply and keeps you warm much better than simply layering your clothing.

By trapping your body heat, thermal underwear helps to insulate against the cold and prevents heat loss. Other clothing made from thicker material can still fail at this due to a loose fit and being single ply. It seems crazy, but a thin pair of thermal underwear beneath your normal clothes can be more beneficial than a pair of sweatpants!

Thermal underwear also works by wicking away sweat and moisture. Overheating can cause you to sweat, and in the cold this can be bad. Sweat freezes or evaporates, leaving you feeling colder than when you started. The moisture wicking abilities of thermal underwear keep this from happening, ultimately keeping you warmer.

Let Thermal Underwear Do The Hard Work For You!

When it comes to staying warm this winter, sit back and let thermal underwear do all the hard work for you. A single pair of good thermal underwear underneath your regular clothes will go a long way in keeping you warm and cozy despite the cold temperatures. Rather than picking out clothes to layer or moving around to keep your body temperature up, simply wear your best set of thermals.

Since thermal underwear works by trapping your body heat, it can transition easily from environment to environment depending on how much heat you need. The tight fit also goes easily under clothes, replacing the bulky look that comes from layering different clothes.

So get yourself a good set of thermal underwear and be prepared to ride out the winter! 

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