What to Wear for Little League?

What to Wear for Little League?

You just enrolled your kid into Little League and may be wondering what they should wear. If they are practicing outside, you want them to be comfortable. While athletic clothing is always a good go-to, if it’s chilly out or downright cold, you may need a base layer of long johns for boys. Like practice in the sport, layering for the season also involves the old saying, “practice makes perfect.”

If practices are early in the day or season, the temperatures may prove to be a little chilly. While bundling up may not be necessary, a boy's thermal underwear set may be the perfect addition for some added warmth without the threat of overheating. You can easily top that with a hoodie, which can easily be shed if your kid gets too hot as there will be a lot of running and attempts to slide into home.

Also, make sure all clothing is appropriate for the sport. Most athletic gear will work, and even sports jerseys are pretty popular as well. If the practice is outside, a good pair of cleats is essential. For younger levels of baseball, metal cleats or spikes may not be permitted. You can, however, find a pair with molded cleats for added safety and traction.

The Gear

Your kid is wearing his new boy's thermal underwear set under his practice clothes and is all warm and comfy for a day on the field. But what about gear? A hat or visor is a standard. It’ll probably be a good idea to have your kid wear it for practice. Usually, Little Leaguers get a team hat and that would typically be the one to wear. 

When it comes to their glove, sizing is everything. So is helping them break it in properly when it comes to assisting them in fielding. Usually, the coach or another official can help you choose the right one. Some Little League Teams may have team bats for your kid to use. If not, find one that is the appropriate size for them. 

Important Pro Tip: Since January 1, 2018, all Little Leagues are now required to follow the new USA Baseball bat standards.

For practice, a batting helmet should be worn for protection. Like bats, many teams will offer team helmets, but if you want your kid to have their own, make sure you find one that is approved by the NOCSAE or National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment. Most will have this listed in the product description if buying online. Plus, protecting your kids' heads is vital.

Though dressing right and in long johns for boys for when it's cold out is essential, wearing and using the right gear is just as necessary for playing Little League. For thermals, to save some money, choose a synthetic fabric as they are pretty durable, but they may need to be replaced if you kids keep sliding into base or stealing second. Most of all, have fun and keep cheering your kid on!

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