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What’s it Like to Train in Compression Pants

What’s it Like to Train in Compression Pants

You finally bought the compression clothing but may be wondering what it's like to train while wearing them. Many athletes, both professional and amateur, have wondered this same thing. You probably have seen others in their athletic compression shorts at the squat rack or some bodybuilders in their men's compression long sleeve shirts benching more than you weight. Now that you got your gear, does it help with training? Yes, it does. 

Many athletes will testify that training in compression gear enhances every aspect of their workout. The fact remains, compression gear does live up to its reputation. Here is a quick breakdown of some of the benefits you’ll receive while wearing your newly purchased compression pants.

  1. You’ll see an increase in blood flow and even muscle support, which allows for quicker recovery. If you want to meet your fitness goals, an immediate recovery period will help get you there.
  2. The clothing will reduce the chances of getting sore so you can get back to your fitness program sooner and even hit it harder. There’s no need to delay your workouts any longer than you have to.

But how do they work? Compression pants and even athletic compression shorts offer a “graded” compression. This means they fit tighter around specific muscles like your calves and gradually decrease as they move toward your heart. They support the glutes and the whole leg as well. This graded compression allows blood flow to be improved as it moves through your circulatory system. This gives a boost to your system as your muscles receive oxygenated blood faster so you can work out harder.

They are also designed to stabilize all your major muscle groups to prevent you from overusing your muscles. This will help minimize your risk of injury and swelling. If you’re doing any resistance training, the only thing you want to swell is those biceps! Another key to training in compression pants or shorts is the reduction of soreness, and some athletes have noticed a complete elimination of soreness altogether.

Training in compression pants will help you work out longer and harder as you won’t become exhausted as fast. You’ll be able to engage your muscles more and make your leg day at the gym one to remember and brag about on social media. They will also help your back during rows and deadlifts by supporting you in a better posture.

What really makes training in compression pants the best is the post-workout recovery. You’ll feel less sore and swollen after your weight training or cardio workout. While compression pants are great for the lower body and heap a world full of benefits, a men's compression long sleeve shirt will add an extra level to your upper body workout as well. In fact, wearing both pants and shirt offer a full-body effect on your workout.

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