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The Secret of the Base Layer for Kids

The Secret of the Base Layer for Kids

Getting your kids outside during the colder months can be a struggle. The first challenge you may face is convincing them that it’s going to be fun. Then there’s getting them bundled up in their winter jackets and gloves while they whine or tell you how much they hate it. You know this struggle, and you also know that this struggle is real. You also understand that the minute they get outside, they’re going to complain that it’s too cold.

Unlike you, children aren’t able to regulate their body temperature as you can. If dressed for the weather in long johns for boys and layers, kids can play outdoors for hours. Getting them in the right layers is the secret to a happy kid that can have fun outside while staying warm and dry during this prolonged playtime. Playing outside in the winter is an adventure for both you and your kids, and that base layer of kids' long johns is essential to their safety and fun.

What is a Base Layer?

Base layers are those snug-fitting clothing or thermals that helps you stay warm and dry. They’ll fit like a second skin without hindering your kid’s movements, which is a boon for them, especially during snowball fights or sledding. They are usually made of fabric like Merino wool, polyester/spandex blends, and even silk or cotton. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

The Best Material for a Kid’s Base Layer

If you prefer a natural fiber, then Merino wool is hands down the best. It has fantastic moisture-wicking and heat retention abilities but can be pricey and itchy for some kids. Cotton should be avoided at all costs as the material will absorb your kid’s sweat leaving them a cold and soggy mess. This can lead to hypothermia and even frostbite in the cold weather. If you want durability and long life, and a thermal that is easy to take care of in the wash, look for a polyester/spandex blend. They are much more affordable and offer the same benefits as wool or silk thermals. 

Benefits of Polyester/Spandex Blend for a Kid’s Base Layer

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Affordable and easy to take care off
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Heat retention and moisture-wicking
  • 4-way stretch for full mobility
  • Sets are form-fitting for maximum benefits
  • Lots of colors to fit your kid’s personality

Long johns for boys are fantastic as a base layer. The secret to them is in their material, the way they fit, comfort, and most of their benefits and features. Kids' long johns make getting ready to play outside easier as they can layer not have to worry about becoming cocooned in any unnecessary clothing. That way, if your kids get too hot, they can shed a layer, and if they get too cold, they can quickly put it back on.

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