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Thermal Underwear vs Leggings

Thermal Underwear vs Leggings

It’s once again winter! For many people, this means it is time to shop for some warm clothing to add to your wardrobe. Many people opt to look for solutions that will keep them warm while providing comfort and preventing the need for adding too much bulk.

Almost every year, people become a bit confused in their shopping as they find products such as thermal underwear and leggings. Are these products the same thing? How are they different? Let’s answer your questions.

Thermal Underwear vs Leggings

When you are looking for thermal underwear, you may notice that some people use the terms thermal underwear and leggings interchangeably. After all, leggings refers to fairly elastic, close fitting pants. They tend to be tight and comfortable. This is basically the same as thermal underwear.

While thermal underwear is a broad term that refers to thermal clothing including both tops and bottoms, leggings obviously refers specifically to bottoms. Otherwise, the terms can be interchangeable. However, there are some differences as leggings can refer to more broad styles. For example, your yoga pants are leggings but probably aren’t thermal underwear. In short, thermal underwear bottoms can be used as leggings but not all leggings can be used as thermal underwear.

How Do I Tell If Leggings Are Thermal Underwear?

The easiest way to determine if leggings can function as thermal underwear is to look at them. What are they made out of? You want them to be made from synthetic materials or wool. If they are cotton, you definitely want to avoid them as you will get cold.

Additionally, take a look at the design. Do the leggings have multiple layers or special features such as moisture-wicking? If so, they are likely thermal underwear. While thermal underwear are very thin, they also tend to have multiple layers such as fleece-lining to provide warmth.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, when it comes to buying thermal underwear, it can be a bit confusing when terms are used interchangeably. The best way to ensure that your leggings are suited for thermal underwear is to purchase them from a company that specializes in thermal underwear. That way, you can rest assured that your leggings are a good fit for cold temperatures.

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