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Tactical Warmth in the Winter

Tactical Warmth in the Winter

Staying warm and keeping your guns dry helps you enjoy your time at the range more when it is cold outside. There are many parts of the US that are experiencing freezing temperatures. For some states, the temperatures will continue to drop. If you prepare, that's still no reason not to hit the range. 

People tend to limit their outdoor activities as the daylight hours grow shorter, and the weather becomes colder. You may spend most of your daylight hours working these days since the days have gotten shorter. You can still head to the range if you prepare, even as the leaves fall and the cold approaches. 

How to Stay Warm

Keeping warm won't require you to be highly active at the range, so layering will keep you warm. A men's thermal underwear set will allow you to spend more time outside without getting cold, and long johns for men will keep your body warm as a base layer. Basically, your thermal clothing distributes your body heat across your skin. This definitely helps keep you warm and comfortable, so you won't shiver as you fire at your target. 

If you don't want to wear the whole set, you should at the very least wear a men's thermal shirt in relatively nice weather. As a result, you could take off your jacket as needed and move more freely to take your shots. 

It's not just your guns that are negatively affected by harsh weather conditions. It can be hard on your fingers and toes if you stay outside for long periods. You can keep your hands from getting frostbite by having the proper equipment on your hands, such as hand warmers or thin gloves. You can keep your hands warm by squeezing them tight for a few seconds. Your trigger finger will stay sharp and ready if you stretch your hands and fingers. Try clasping and unclasping your hands rapidly for added support. This will stimulate the blood flow necessary to keep your hands warm. 

Cold-weather Gear for Tactical Situations

1. The base layer of a men's thermal underwear set is crucial to staying dry and preventing sweat. The combination of moisture and cold is dangerous regardless of how much you sweat. If a set isn't for you, try a men's thermal shirt.

2. If you're competing at a range in a colder season, you'll need tactical pants to kneel, run, and move seamlessly. These pants are rip-resistant and provide some comfort.

3. The tactical vest is a great outer layer for keeping warm and giving you more mobility with your arms. You can add this vest to your gear if you layer it correctly.

4. Head, hands, and feet will also feel the cold. Don't forget that the cold affects your entire body.

Despite the lack of outdoor activities during the colder months, hitting the range can be just as exciting and a great way to test your gun skills. You can keep your aim on the target by wearing long johns for men.

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