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Staying Warm While Ice Fishing

Staying Warm While Ice Fishing

Ice fishing offers a great experience but can become a miserable one if you’re cold and wet. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie to the sport, staying warm goes hand-in-hand with having fun. Dressing for the day in men’s thermal underwear can make for an enjoyable time so you can spend the day relaxing while waiting for the big catch.

Like most winter sports, dressing for ice fishing can also be applied to most of the outdoor activities. It doesn’t matter if you have the right tackle or bait if you aren’t wearing the correct gear to stay warm. While the temperature may drop, it doesn’t mean your fun needs to as well. 

1. Layers are the key: Weather can change in an instant while you’re out on the ice. Temperatures can rise or fall throughout the day, and then there’s always the wind and weather to consider when ice fishing. Adding layers on top of them will give you the flexibility you need to take off some as you want if things get warmer or put them back on as temperatures drop. 

2. Base layer: Dressing with a base layer like thermal underwear for men will ensure you stay warm throughout the day. This is the most critical layer out of all of them as this is the one the prevents moisture from sticking to your skin and traps heat in to keep you warm. A polypropylene or a mixed synthetic base layer of thermals will dry quickly but wick dangerous moisture away. It should fit snug against your skin.

3. Mid-layer: The next layer is the mid-layer. This should be more loose-fitting. As for materials, its all about personal preference. Fleece and wool are quite popular and dependable choices. Keep in mind; one mid-layer may not be enough so be prepared with another. If you get too warm, you can take off one of them, and if you have one with wind-stopping capabilities, all the better as long as they’re light and flexible.

4. Outer later: These are usually the jacket and pants. When it comes to ice fishing, they should be windproof, rip-proof, and, most of all, waterproof. When you’re sitting on the ice in the middle of a lake, it can get windy, and the chances of snow are usually pretty good, so windproof and waterproof can’t be stressed enough.

5. Headgear and accessories: Wear the proper hats that cover not just your head but ears as well. Hats come in different sizes, so make sure to wear one that fits correctly. Goggles or sunglass will protect your eyes and, if possible, a facemask to protect the rest of your skin. Don’t forget gloves, socks, and the right boots/shoes as well. Insulated boots work great and a thin neoprene set of gloves with a larger pair to cover for your hands.

Ice fishing is an exciting sport and a great way to relax and enjoy the winter. Starting with a base layer of men’s thermal underwear will increase your likelihood of staying warm. Thermal underwear for men comes in different fabrics and styles, but merino wool or synthetic material works best. Avoid cotton as this fabric absorbs moisture and is terrible for this type of sport. Staying warm and comfortable will be easy compared to getting that big catch.

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