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Sledding and Snowboarding: Tips to Keep your Kids Warm

Sledding and Snowboarding: Tips to Keep your Kids Warm

Winter activities are a must for many kids in the colder season. After a heavy snowfall, kids want to hit the sleds to feel the cold air rush against their faces as they plummet down a hillside. With laughter, shouts of joy, and the occasional bet on who can get down the hill the fastest, you’re probably wondering how you can keep your kids warm during all these winter activities.

Going for sled rides is a favorite pastime for many kids, and snowboarding has picked up speed as many boys want to copy their favorite Olympic sport’s heroes. While you may cringe at possible injuries, keeping your kids warm and dry isn’t going to cause any problems for you. Start with a set of boy’s thermals.

Thermals and Layering for Warmth

The Base Layer: Thermals are what make this layer work as well as it does. Boy’s long underwear should wick away moisture from the skin. Shoot for a polyester blended with spandex for a better cost or merino wool, which also has a natural odor reduction properties. Avoid cotton as it becomes soggy when wet and causes your kid to get cold fast not too mention heavy.  Usually any fabric you would see made in athletic clothes would work, plus you can buy them anywhere thermals are sold. 

Don’t forget the feet! Choose a sock made of wool to provide moisture-wicking and toasty warmth. 

The Middle Layer: This layer will insulate your kid. Make sure it fits close but still loose enough not to restrict any movements. After all, sledding downhill is better with their arms up in the air, even if you prefer they hold on. Wool, fleece, or even synthetic polyester make good choices for a mid-layer. You can also try a long-sleeved shirt like flannel or a sweater. Also, don’t forget some warm pants as well. Legs get cold too.

The Outer Layer: With all the snow, it stands a good chance your child may get wet. A water-resistant or waterproof coat and pants will help keep the water from getting absorbed as boy’s thermals pull it away from the body. Waterproof gloves or mittens to keep your kid’s hands and fingers warm is a must as frostbite is always a threat. For boots, choose a size bigger so your kid can wear wool socks for added insulation and freedom of movement. No matter what hat you choose, make sure it covers your child’s ears as they are susceptible to the cold.

Now that your kids are dressed warmly in boy’s long underwear, they are ready to hit the outdoors with their sleds or snowboards. Layering will help make sure your kids can enjoy their activities and stay warm doing so. While running up and down the hill may tax your kid’s energy after a while, you can rest assured they aren’t freezing by layering correctly. Another essential tip to remember: Don’t forget the hot chocolate! Maybe some marshmallows as well.

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