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Should Thermal Underwear Be Tight or Loose?

Should Thermal Underwear Be Tight or Loose?

With winter approaching, staying warm is more than likely on the top of your list. Whether you work outside or want to keep warm and comfortable with your job, thermal underwear will be very beneficial in doing this. No matter what brand of thermal underwear you choose, you want to make sure that they will fit correctly. The proper fit will go a long way in ensuring you stay warm, dry, and comfortable throughout the day.

Should Thermal Underwear be Tight or Loose?

Proper fit is everything with your thermal underwear. If you get a size too large, they will fit loose. While this may prove to be highly comfortable, the benefits that generally come with thermals won't work nearly as well as they usually would. A loose fit can be beneficial in the warmer months as it will allow your body heat to escape.

However, a loose fit can also cause pockets of air that would keep you from staying warm during the colder temperatures. It will also allow your body heat to escape and allow cold air to enter. This means your comfort level would go down considerably as you get older. Loose thermal underwear won't work as an insulating base layer.

Your thermals are supposed to fit snug against your skin. Since thermals are lightweight and made of a thin fabric, they will feel like a second skin. This allows them to trap your body heat and distribute it across your skin, making you warm and comfortable. Due to this snug fit, your body heat won't be allowed to escape from your collar, wrist, ankles, or waistline. It also means that no cold air may enter.

Since you will sweat throughout the day, your snug-fitting thermals will help keep you dry. The moisture-wicking material will pull sweat from your body and release it through the breathable fabric. Staying dry is an essential part of the winter season. Damp clothes in cold temperatures do not mix, and it's critical for your health to keep dry, which will also help improve your warmth. The thermals also protect your body heat as well because of this moisture-wicking ability.

When it comes to buying your next set of thermals, take a look at the company size chart to see what size is best for you. You will want a snug fit but not a fit so tight that you can't move. While thermals are made of very stretchable fabric, they can be uncomfortable if you get a size too small. They also won't work as well if they are a size too large. 

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