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How to Dress Your Kids for Spending Time Outdoors in the Winter

How to Dress Your Kids for Spending Time Outdoors in the Winter

Winter can be an isolating time for many parents. The cold weather and shorter days will make you want to hibernate until spring. This also leads to a little stir craziness as your kids may want to go outside and play. While a part of you may feel spending a few months indoors seems like a great idea, if you dress your kids appropriately, you both can enjoy the outdoors and break out of that winter dreariness.

While you can walk or play in colder temperatures, avoiding extreme cold is best unless you have to go out. Either way, dressing your child in boy’s long johns is the first step in appropriate layering for the weather. You want your kids to be warm but not too warm. Start off by purchasing a few thermal sets for boys as they will keep your child warm all winter, whether outside or inside.

Here are some rules to plan out your winter activities

  • Layering is best. For you, two layers may work, but for your kid, one layer more than yours is better.
  • Boys long johns or a lightweight thermal set for boys are the right choices. Choose merino wool or synthetic fabric. Avoid cotton.
  • Add additional fleece pants and a sweater to the layers. Especially if it gets frigid.
  • Make sure their hats cover their ears along with a neck warmer and mittens.
  • Invest in a waterproof snowsuit that isn’t too bulky. 
  • Wool socks will keep your kid’s feet warm and will also wick away moisture for added frostbite protection.
  • Regularly check your child to make sure their skin isn’t too cold, or they are sweating. If either one, bring them inside.
  • Keep an eye on the weather. You don’t want to be caught outside once a blizzard hits.

Building good habits for winter activities is essential for both you and your kid. As they get older, their outdoor adventures will change but the habits you teach them early on about winter safety and dressing right will stick with them. Layering is a great thing to teach your kids, especially if you live in colder climates or outdoor sports starts becoming a thing.

Get boys long johns that fit snug and are made of polyester, wool, or other synthetic material. They will wick away moisture and retain heat which will keep your kids warmer longer. Even by dressing appropriately, it’s still wise to bring them inside for breaks. They may be resistant as no one wants to stop having fun, but the right snacks and the thought of hot chocolate may convince them a break is acceptable before they head back out. 

Spending time outdoors can be a blast for both you and your children. Dressing correctly will make the winter seem reasonably mild and you both will be able to enjoy your time and the winter more carefree. You may find yourself wishing for a snow day so you both can have a fun family day of sledding.

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