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How Compression Wear Can Help Your Crossfit Training

How Compression Wear Can Help Your Crossfit Training

Compression gear for Crossfit athletes is just as essential as it is for others. While some can argue on whether it’s more about looks or not, the benefits and help it provides people in Crossfit can’t be denied. As a crossfitter, you may be wondering about the functionality of compression gear. Will it influence your performance, give you faster recovery time, or improve muscle sensitivity or control? 

The answer is yes and compression gear is perfect for your Crossfit training routine. Whether you’re wearing a long sleeve compression shirt or men's compression shorts, compression will add an extra level of effectiveness when you work out or compete against other Crossfit athletes. Understanding what to buy or how to wear it is usually dependent on your exercises or fitness program. Many professional and even amateur athletes will have their opinions and it will also come down to the different ways compression clothing will help and your personal choices.

#1 Compression as a definition means to reduce the volume with an increase in pressure. Sounds almost too scientific, but that is precisely what compression clothing will do. They compress your body to reduce the surface area. This means that more of your nerves will be concentrated in specific areas than before. This increases your proprioception or greater muscle sensitivity. The effect this gives your body is a stronger control over your muscles. In heavy lifting and Crossfit, this is a game-changer.

#2 Your muscle movement will be reduced. It sounds like an odd feature of compression wear, but reducing muscle movement is essential. This is one of the main reasons you’ll see both professional and amateur athletes wear compression gear. The less movement you have in your muscles, the less energy is needed to keep them in that position. Compression wear helps keep your muscles in the proper position so you can use your energy more efficiently.

#3 As an athlete, prolonged recovery time can hold your training back. Compression gear helps you recover faster from a hard workout or tough competition. With compression, blood flows more quickly to the compressed area which speeds up the transportation of lactic acid from your muscles. This effect rinses your muscles of lactates to help you recover faster and with less soreness.

Keep in mind that when you start wearing compression clothing, whether a long sleeve compression shirt or even men's compression shorts, they feel a little awkward. They’re supposed to fit tight. So, if you’re not extremely fit, you may feel uncomfortable. The clothing will shape, but feel free to wear loose-fitting clothing over them to help your confidence. It all comes down to how well you feel in compression clothing. You should feel good about them. The fabrics are comfortable to wear and will keep you dry even if you wear them under regular gym clothes. Give them a try and experience the benefits of compression clothing for yourself and you won’t be disappointed.

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