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Compression Clothing and Weight Training

Compression Clothing and Weight Training

If you go to the gym regularly, you may see many athletes wearing some form of compression clothing. Usually, you’ll find them engaged in some free weights workout. Maybe you’ve wondered if that type of clothing helps with weight training.

Lately, the use of compression gear can be seen on many of your fellow gym-mates. These tight pieces can range from a compression short sleeve to a basic long sleeve compression shirt. While it may seem that this type of clothing may be a fashion trend to show off a well-muscled physique, there is a science behind the use of compression clothing in weight training.

Some Benefits You Will Find Wearing Compression Clothes

Before you jump into a pair of compression tights, you want to keep in mind that weight lifting injuries can happen for many reasons.

  • Lack of a warm-up.
  • Improper lifting technique.
  • Lifting too much weight and tearing your muscles.

    That aside, wearing compression gear as a lot of research and anecdotal evidence that points to the many benefits like reducing soreness after a workout and also during. Part of weight lifting is pushing yourself beyond a specific limit. This causes soreness and often occurs in resistance training. But how does it help you in your daily training regimen?

    The compression part of the clothing has the biggest benefits. Since they are made of stretchable material, they’ll help keep your muscles in the proper positions. With everything in the right place, there is less chance of you succumbing to an injury.

    Compression garments also act like a ‘second skin.’ This means they add slight pressure to your body, which helps reduce soreness. This is highly beneficial in the joint areas of the body. Many athletes outside of bodybuilders wear compression gear to avoid any unnecessary injuries.

    There are additional benefits of wearing compression gear. They can increase your oxygen levels, which will heighten your workout. My oxygenated blood means improved performance, and as an athlete, you know how important performance is in your training. 

    They will also keep you comfortable. As they wick away sweat, you’ll stay dry and not have any uncomfortable soggy feelings due to sweating. Faster recovery is also a bonus with compression clothing. There will be fewer post-workout aches as the compression will speed up the reduction of lactic acid that creates the soreness. For those of you who crave making a fashion statement along with your training routine, compression clothing looks excellent. They are designed well and will give you an added boost of confidence.

    While proper lifting techniques and pre-workout and post-workout stretching are vital to your recovery, wearing compression gear will help boost your performance and healing. A compression short sleeve shirt is a perfect alternative for warmer weather, while a long sleeve compression shirt is a must for cooler temps and arm day. What you may see as trendy is based on research, and wearing the compression gear will only help your athleticism.

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