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Cold Storage Manager: A Guide to Staying Warm

Cold Storage Manager: A Guide to Staying Warm

Cold storage operations can be challenging for a manager as they are needed to continually maintain certain temperatures for the storage. Also, they need to keep employees warm and equipment functioning at the highest capacity. Frozen and refrigerated products account for the majority of what is stored in a cold storage warehouse. They are also vital for industries such as petrochemicals, high-tech electronics, and even pharmaceuticals.

Cold store managers know that a cold employee won’t work to their optimum potential. They also realize that there are inherent dangers working in the cold for extended periods like hypothermia and frostbite. For a job like this, a base layer of mens thermal underwear is a must-have to make it through the day.

Long johns for men will help you ward off the cold since your job involves working in a large refrigerator. Thermals don’t just retain your body heat, but also have moisture-wicking properties that’ll keep you dry and comfortable. Wearing thermals under your regular clothes acts as added insulation, and it’s flexibility won’t affect your mobility as the stretchable fabric moves with you.

As you work in this area of food protection, regulating and maintaining proper temperatures to extend the life of the products is vital and risky. Different products have different needs and rely solely on you to adjust and manage the system. Just like maintaining temperatures is essential for your products, the same can be said for your body as well.

Mens thermal underwear help regulate and maintain your body heat along with proper hydration and nutrition. Your body needs fuel to keep its core temperature of 98.6 degrees. Eating right is essential for energy and balance, and drinking enough water will prevent you from dehydrating as working in the cold increases the chances of dehydration.

Training your employees on how to layer and stay warm is vital for the operations and health of your team and management. Wearing long johns for men will have a profound positive effect on your employees during their day as they’ll be more comfortable and won’t make mistakes due to shivering or other symptoms due to hypothermia or frostbite. 

Working in a building that can run the gamut of 55 degrees to negative 20 degrees can wreak havoc on any unprepared employees. Making sure they are equipped ahead of time for the job will make for a better day at work and a reduction in accidents. Teaching your employees on how to layer is the best way to prepare your workers for their job along with training on any needed power equipment. Though bundling up can help, this can hinder movement as opposed to layering which offers lightweight layers that can be removed or put back on as necessary. Taking the time to invest in your employees will also make them feel part of the team and increase productivity.

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