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Can You Wear Long Johns Under Shorts?

Can You Wear Long Johns Under Shorts?

Winter proofing your late fall or winter jog it's a great way to keep your exercise going and stay warm while doing so. While the usual things like a jacket, mittens, and a hat, along with other winter gear, are essential to your winter jog, wearing long johns under your shorts it's a great way to keep your legs warm while you run.

You'll have more options like capris or shorts that you can wear without needing any extra protection while running during the spring or summer. Having the right winter gear when you run in some bad weather conditions needs to be done wisely. Suppose you're one of those outdoor runners who laugh in the face of a snowstorm or low temperatures. In that case, there are some suggestions on how to approach these conditions and stay warm while you go out for your morning jog.

If you're determined to wear shorts, even outside in the cold, it is best to wear some long johns underneath to help keep your legs warm. These thermal bottoms will work by retaining your body heat and distributing it across your legs. And with all this activity you're going to be sweating a lot. Your thermal pants, which you are wearing underneath your shorts, will help wick away this sweat and keep you warm. Suppose you happen to be worried about whether or not they're going to be comfortable or restricting. In that case, thermals are usually made of stretchable fabric, so your movements will not be held back at all. They won't bunch up, and you won't have to worry about them sticking to your legs while you sweat.

Your thermal long johns underneath your shorts will be warm enough when it is cold outside. However, your legs will be a little chilly until you start your run and warm up a little. If the extreme weather is too much, you may want to consider running on the treadmill or avoiding that outdoor run in general. That way, you stay safer.

Extreme weather can bring snowstorms, lots of ice, and subarctic temperatures that could make you run highly miserable. If the temperatures are just cold and you don't have to worry about too much snow, wind, or ice, then dressing in layers will help make you run a lot more comfortably.

For those who don't run but still want to wear shorts outside, you still have the option of wearing your thermal bottoms underneath your shorts. Do you have a high tolerance for cold, you don't necessarily have to. It will be dependent on your comfort level with the current weather conditions. Either way, wearing thermals underneath your shorts is going to benefit you on a run when it's cold outside. Staying warm and comfortable is essential while you're outside training.

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