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Are Long Johns and Thermals the Same?

Are Long Johns and Thermals the Same?

Have you ever gone on a trip with someone and they ask you to take your thermals or long johns? What about shopping for thermals and all you see are long johns? For many people, they’re the same, while others may argue about the minute differences between them. What are the differences between the two names or garments? Is there a difference?

Thermals vs. Long Johns

Most of the differences people may have with either one usually overrides any potential differences between the two types of garments. Check out the information below and decide for yourself if they’re the same or unique in their own way:

• Your perception of the two matters: For many, possibly you included, may look at the term ‘thermals’ as a general term. Others may see the difference belongs to the type of fabric that they are made of.

• The way the words sound: Believe it or not, the term ‘long johns’ is cheesy. The words ‘thermal underwear’ sounds more like a technical term, and you may take this more seriously. When it comes down to it, both terms are interchangeable and are relatable.

•  Does fabric matter: When it comes to what they’re called, no. Groups of people may argue the semantics, but silk thermals are the same as silk long johns. It doesn’t matter if they’re polyester, wool, or polypropylene. It doesn’t even matter if the material is smooth or has the traditional waffle pattern.

So, are you Team Thermal Underwear or Team Long Johns?

Things to Consider or Not Consider

There is no actual difference between the two garments. Even those brands that design them will use the terms interchangeably. Thermal underwear is a more modern term, while long johns is a more vintage old school term. Whether thermal tops or thermal bottoms, they’re all long johns, and long john are all thermal underwear.

Some will argue that long johns are just a particular part of the set or the complete set. Either way, it comes down to perception and partially where you may be from. Some terms are regions as long johns are famous in Europe and thermals are popular in the United States with some exceptions. 

Many will consider long johns as a male-only garment, an outdated concept as old as the garment itself. Since thermals are made for both men and women by every brand, both terms will bring up a search result on Google. Many will call the long-sleeve thermal tops henleys instead of a thermal shirt or thermal top to add more flavor to the topic. 

All the different names aside, thermal underwear or long johns are the same. The term used is generally generation and regional, with both being correct. No matter which you prefer you use, it’s the same thing. All that matters is that you’re kept warm, dry, and comfortable during the winter season.

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