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After School Sports: Keeping Your Kids Warm on the Field

After School Sports: Keeping Your Kids Warm on the Field

School has started, and with that, after school sports events! If you have your kids in school sports, you know that the football season can go from warm to downright cold in a short time. This is especially true if you live in a colder climate when fall or winter moves in sooner rather than later. 

While your kid athlete may generate some body heat while participating in these activities, athletic uniforms aren’t designed to wick away sweat or keep them warm. Boy’s long johns can help alleviate this problem and also help with a few more. While a boy’s thermal underwear set won’t protect them from getting sacked on the field, you can rest assured, knowing they won’t freeze due to sweat.

Let’s start with the basics!

Cold months have their advantages, but your child won’t thank you if he’s forced to stay standing outside while playing a game and freezing from the sweat sticking to his body. Plus, sweating in the cold can cause hypothermia and lead to frostbite or other health problems. 

A base layer is fairly basic, but it goes a long way in keeping your kids warm and healthy. A sprained ankle or bruise is unavoidable in school sports; you can, however, control the warmth and comfort level of your child. At least to a point. It all starts with a boy’s thermal underwear set. Sometimes the old school basics are where it’s at. Keep in mind that today’s thermals are better than past generations.

1. Thermals are usually made from merino wool, poly-spandex, or silk material. You can get cotton, but they will absorb moisture and cause even more problems. So avoid cotton. Silk may seem over the top for school sports with its material and cost — the same with merino wool. The poly-spandex is more affordable and can take a beating. They will also wick away moisture and keep your boys dry. 

2. Boy’s long johns will trap and distribute body heat. One of the benefits of thermals is its ability to keep your kid warm. Make sure you get the right size as they should fit like a second skin. Snug but not super tight. They’ll allow freedom of movement, so there will be no hindrance to the sports competition area.

3. With a sweaty, athletic kid, comes odor. It’s going to happen. Most thermals are woven to release not only sweat but odor as well, so neither gets trapped on the skin. This is particularly helpful for the trip home after the game or practice.

While sports uniforms may not offer a lot of choices for layering, most will allow a lightweight set of thermals. They will help keep your kid warm by wicking away sweat and distributing body heat along your children’s skin. These benefits will protect them from the cold and other harm associated with time in the cold and make their time playing school sports more enjoyable so they can focus on the game.

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